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    Best Buy to Receive New 80GB PS3 SKU After E3, Will Cost $399

    It looks as though Sony is planning to introduce yet another PS3 SKU in coming weeks at E3 2009.

    Some believe it will be a redesigned Slim PS3 while others think it will have the same cosmetic design, but will boast different features.

    We still don't have the specifics, but this leaked pic of the Best Buy database (below) essentially confirms that a new PlayStation 3 SKU is on the way. It's set to go active after E3 next week and while the price is still set at $399 for an 80GB machine, it's also labeled as a "Limited Edition" bundle.

    This package will include two unknown games and it quickly reminds us of Target's PS3 bundle they offered after the GDC; it included both Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm. The release date is listed as June 9, which is less than a week after E3 concludes.

    Now, this news may be disappointing to those of you who are hoping for a price drop announcement, but any new bundle deals are always appreciated by the savvy consumer. This package may also be exclusive to Best Buy - although we can't be sure at this point - which means it may or may not make a big splash at Sony's E3 press conference.

    There's really no way of knowing the specifics at this point but even when a manufacturer wants to hide everything, the retailer can't always control the flow of info... it's just something else we'll be on the lookout for during Sony's conference next week.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    walidahmadi Guest
    I think the ps3 needs a price cut, not any new sku

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    BigBlarg Guest
    On the picture :
    Weight : 15.25 lb

    My good friend google told me the weight of a PS3 box is 15 lbs for 60-80gb models. Considering a slim model would probably weight a little bit less since it's smaller, then I guess it's not a slim PS3.

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    xxhockey225xx Guest
    well good thing i paid nearly double that for the 60 gb version when it first came out. regardless i still dont regret it!

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xxhockey225xx View Post
    well good thing i paid nearly double that for the 60 gb version when it first came out. regardless i still dont regret it!
    I paid how ever much a launch PS2 cost. I just bought a new one for $99. This reminds me of all the people wanting a refund for Ragdoll kungfu because it was free for a week. Mind Blowing.

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    jgrimm49 Guest

    Yay! Cheap!

    only $399 now? wow

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