SCEA Producer George Weising has announced today that Beat Sketcher for PlayStation Move will be hitting PSN tomorrow.

To quote: Last week we brought you the 2nd installment JAPAN Studio's upcoming title Beat Sketcher, a PlayStation Move exclusive title that will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store tomorrow, November 23rd.

Kenei Hayama - Art Director: "I just enjoyed drawing. My goal was not to draw a tune but to draw what I wanted to draw with freedom, as I drew, the music emerged naturally."

Don't forget to post links to your best YouTube Beat Sketcher videos!

We'd love to see what all of you create! Also, as we mentioned in our previous blogs, the team will answer some of your questions in an upcoming post so don't forget to to include them in the comments below.

Be sure to download Beat Sketcher for PSN available TOMORROW!

Lastly, let's finish up our interview with the Beat Sketcher development team.

Q: What is the most exciting aspect of using PlayStation Move in Beat Sketcher?

A: With simple and intuitive game control that Beat Sketcher provides, you can create various works and draw a tune with your imagination. We believe this game experience will be very exciting moment for anyone who plays with PlayStation Move.

Q: What are your favorite moments so far in developing Beat Sketcher with PlayStation Move?

A: The moment when I could draw a soothing line as intended with PlayStation Move controls. Also, the moment when I could play tuneful sounds much better than expected, as a result.

Q: What challenges did you encounter in creating Beat Sketcher with something as innovative as PlayStation Move?

A: This is the first time the team developed a game using PlayStation Move, so we have encountered many challenges at every aspect during the production, and we keep our best to overcome these. Specifically, in terms of creating a very unique game experience that anyone can enjoy regardless of gender, age, or nations, we took a process of trial and error so many times, and finally decided the current final game design.

Q: Is there anything else you want to add about Beat Sketcher and PlayStation Move?

A: Other than enjoying doodling freely, Beat Sketcher is packed with many fun elements such as a new game mode fused with doodle and rhythm action game, or a game mode that you compete or cooperate with your friends and family that everyone from children to adults, alone or multiple people together, can enjoy.

Also, your created works in Beat Sketcher can be shared via globally - for example, a movie taken in the game can be uploaded to YouTube. We are looking forward to seeing that many great surprising works are created from Beat Sketcher all over the world!

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