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    BBC iPlayer Now Working with the PlayStation 3 Console

    BBC staff member Jon (iPlayer Host) has stated on their forums (linked above) that they have fixed issues people were having using the BBC iPlayer on the PlayStation 3 console.

    To quote: Kalel2008: As soon as I read on the Web site that you can play videos from the iplayer on the PS3, I was so excited untill I found that it was not true.

    dosyman: You can, but it's an unofficial site. www.ps3iplayer.com

    Steve9719: There's an even more official way to get the iPlayer working on the PS3. Simply visit the Wii version of the site: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/bigscreen/

    Jon (iPlayer Host): We're putting in a fix soon that should make everything better (for the PS3 at least). Update: We've put the fix in and it should now work correctly. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    IanJ Guest
    It seems they have fully implemented the country restriction now on the bbc site (UK only) and when i access the ps3iplayer one via my ps3 browser it tells me to access it only using my ps3 browser.

    Anybody know any way to get this or hulu working on the ps3 when you aren't in UK or US?

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