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Thread: Battlefield: Bad Company to Have 300MB Install on PS3

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    Battlefield: Bad Company to Have 300MB Install on PS3

    The package shot for the PS3 version of Battlefield: Bad Company reveals the game will require a 300MB install. The X-Box 360 version of the game only requires 2MB of space.

    To quote: Reedix sent in a comparison picture of the boxes of EA's upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company on the PLAYSTATION 3 and X-Box 360. What he noticed was that the PLAYSTATION 3 requires 300MB of space while the X-Box 360 version requires 2MB of space.

    He got these box shots from the PS3 and 360 pages for the game on

    Is 300MB a reasonable HDD requirement for PS3 owners, or are they taking a back seat to 360 owners?

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    xpvtlag Guest
    i think it is, i mean ps3 IS free online, 360 has what, 20 gigs? 12 gigs? of memory? i don't know which, but ps3 can have up to 40, 60, and more.. so i guess it is reasonable space.

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    painkiller10 Guest
    Not too bad, Bad company will be worth it. Looks like an increasing number of games are doing this now.

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    lolle Guest
    Who Cares about the 300MB Install ? When i see that Bourne Consp. needs 5Gigs, then i am happy about this nice 300 MB Install

    Does someone knows what MGS4 needs for Install ?

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