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    akrondav Guest

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta Hits Europe with Problems

    Today the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta hit Europe, while being delayed in the US.

    However, the UK Forums are currently loaded with negative reviews of the Beta... far from lackluster is the gist of what I am reading.

    There has also been a patch update v1.01 (7.7MB) released which fixes the initial server and VoIP issues, and the servers are now up and running.

    Finally, those who are still seeking BFBC2 European Beta keys may wish to give THIS post by Solfegieto a look, but remember there are only 5,000 available so act fast if you plan on doing it.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ukki51 Guest


    I downloded the beta same day when it came out and i don't have any problems i just don't like it much i like MW2 its awesome.. btw its has slow killing time i mean when u shoot somebody it takes time to kill it <.d

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    doubles92 Guest
    i have got a beta code from gamespot and downloaded the game. when i tried playing it, it wouldnt work when i went to multiplayer. a message came up saying there was an error in connection or something like that.

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    imec Guest
    Servers weren't up in the US when the Beta was initially released. They're up and running and stats now work properly.

    I personally hated BFBC1 because it really strayed from the original Battlefield formula. This game feels more like a real Battlefield game. It plays out much more tactically (probably the most tactical shooter I have played on a console) but the weapon damage may be a bit too high. Also, you can't really tell how damaged you are (even when your screen isn't red anymore) so I think they need to add a health bar so that people will actually look for medics.

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