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Thread: Battlefield 1943 Announces the Coral Sea Community Challenge

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    Battlefield 1943 Announces the Coral Sea Community Challenge

    Today Battlefield 1943 Producer Gordon Van Dyke has announced news of the Coral Sea Community Challenge via PlayStation Blog.

    To quote: What could make Battlefield 1943 even better? Well a 4th map and new game mode of course!

    Battlefield 1943 is back again on the PlayStation.Blog and we're proud to announce a community challenge for YOU to unlock a 4th location, Coral Sea. That's right, there are actually 4 destructible battlegrounds in Battlefield 1943 and Coral Sea comes with a new game mode, Air Superiority!

    Here are the details for the battle plan: this summer when Battlefield 1943 launches, every kill recorded by a PLAYSTATION 3 will go towards the total, community objective of 43 million kills!

    [viddler id=9fb27dfe&w=437&h=288]

    The more time you spend putting lead in the bodies of your sworn enemies, the quicker everyone will be able to play Coral Sea. To find out more and keep track of the progress, keep constant surveillance of the Battlefield 1943 website to get real time updates of how you and your fellow soldiers are progressing towards the goal of 43,000,000.

    Coral Sea is the ultimate online multiplayer dog fighting map! Two aircraft carriers supply your team with all the F4U Corsair and Zero fighters you'll need as your conquest to control the skies, and secure your name in history as an Ace pilot of Battlefield 1943. Prepare to fire your questions at DICE's own Red Baron, Gordon Van Dyke, one more time - he's got his guns pointed your way!

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    does it come any more maps in battlefield 1943?

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    It states a 4th map in the post above, so yes. -Rep for not reading before posting.

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