A gamer is reporting that he managed to play the demo of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum game at a GameStop store in Ohio on the display PS3.

The demo is reportedly 4 levels long, and the combat mechanics are very impressive he states.

To quote: Just played a demo @ Gamestop in Niles, Ohio on the display PS3. This game's going to be just about awesome. The demo is 4 levels of Batman in a room in the asylum with a number of thugs, starting with (I think) four. The number increases after every room clear.

It's only combat, but the combat mechanics are frickin' awesome. Countering's easy and smooth, and catching a kick behind your back and sticking an elbow to the face is priceless.

Once you start a combo, you can seamlessly counter and attack in order to keep the combo counter climbing.

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