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Thread: Banned Gamer Alleges Sony Violated Free Speech & Stole Money

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    Twilson93 Guest
    Personally, I think this has been blown out of massive proportions... Who files a law suit when you playstation account gets banned?

    Even if you do have aggrophobia or other disorders which make socialising harder - is playing on the "next generation" network really socialising?

    It seems a massive fuss about nothing - to try and get $55,000 is completely ridiculous!

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    victorinox Guest
    there are other things that are MORE important to factor in...

    back when i was cheating on Halo 2 *it was loads of fun* i would get banned, CONSTANTLY... but it never stoped me from making a new account, and it never perm banned me *it was usually 2 - 3 weeks i forget x.x* and it would usually list EVERY reason to be reported, though all i did was cheat...

    now here is someone who just said some bad words... everyone ive heard of, thats a 1 month ban, so he has not lost any money, though he might have a claim with the cash, he doesnt have a point... simply because he can reobtain it, im sure sony will give back if requested, and the account is banned, etc

    overall i see this being thrown out =\

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