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    Assassin's Creed III Battle Hardened PS3 Pack is Now on PSN

    Ubisoft Community Developer Gabriel Graziani has officially announced today that the Assassin's Creed III Battle Hardened Pack is now on PSN.

    Below are the details, to quote: The Battle Hardened Pack for Assassin's Creed III is out now!

    Available on PSN for $9.99, It adds three new maps and three new characters to the sneaky - yet brutal - multiplayer, and introduces a little extra variety to your Animus-simulated mayhem.

    Of course, if you have a Season Pass, you'll get all of this free. Here's a breakdown of what you'll get:

    • Three New Characters
    • The influential Governor
    • The resilient Highlander
    • The fearsome Coyote Man
    • Three New Multiplayer Maps
    • The lush, tropical Saint Pierre
    • The moody, atmospheric Fort St-Mathieu
    • The embattled, enflamed Charlestown

    Rally your troops, discover the power of numbers and ignite the revolution!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jackb0119 Guest
    can i get this for free? or download it somewhere?

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