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    ArkTool with Source Code and GUI v5.2 for PS3 released!

    Today xorloser let us know he has updated his tool (with PS3 support!) which can edit ARK/HDR files found in games including Guitar Hero 1, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 80s, Rockband, and Karaoke Revolution... Guitar Hero 3 uses a different format, so it is currently not supported.

    Both the tool and source code will work with those titles for any system including PS3, PS2, X-Box 360, and X-Box. Note: In order to use this via PS3, you must have a Debug PS3 for the time being as there is no public way to run PS3 back-ups via retail consoles.

    Download: ArkTool with Source Code and GUI v5.2 for PS3

    You can now replace a short song with a longer song (ie replace a small file with a bigger file). Previously, no tools existed which allowed this kind of editing, and you could only make custom songs by replacing the existing songs with new songs that are the same size or smaller.

    This meant that you were limited to custom songs that would fit size-wise into the existing songs in the game. By using this sourcecode or tool this is no longer a problem. :)

    Changelog v5.2:

    * fixes an error that occured when you replace an existing encrypted file with a larger file and then save it.

    * removed the ability to edit the root node label

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sandytf Guest
    This is the tool I have been waiting for. Good thing I have a copy of RockBand for the PS2. Has anyone created any new good songs with this?

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