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    Registered User greendayz's Avatar
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    make a personalized partition and formation and choose the size u need

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    I know that, im asking if my usb keyboard wont work because im only doing a quick format?

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    What exactly do u mean by ps3 linux, I know what linux is but im not understanding ps3 linux

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    there is a specific operating system made for PS3, to run on it (Yellow Dog Linux), search the forums if u want to find out more, hell even search the web

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    How about VNC? WINVNC?

    Installing VNC on PS3? Instead of trying to emulate windows on the PS3, why not just use the linux version of VNC to remote to one of your windows boxes? I don't see why this couldn't be done, and will probably be quicker. Can someone try this? If not I'm going to try to install ydl this weekend, and will let you know if this works on the PS3.

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    Well, i swapped out keyboards and it worked, now can sum1 explain how to get my wireless to work with ydl?

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    no wireless in ydl

    This is from Terrasoft's website (makers of YDL)

    Should answer some questions people keep asking about wireless and what not.

    S u p p o r t e d C o m p u t e r s

    PS3 2006

    Notes * Graphics Card ** Wireless ***
    Bluetooth ****

    * You will require a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and USB drive ('thumb', 'jump', or drive) or memory stick (Sony, SD, Compact Flash) in addition to a PC or Mac from which you will download and transfer the bootloader and bootloader installer to the PS3. Details of this process are given in the YDL v5.0 Guide to Installation.

    ** The Nvidia graphics card is not supported beyond framebuffer mode. This does not reduce the quality of the image, but does not provide accelerated video nor OpenGL support. Refer to the this HOWTO for information about HDMI, Multi-Out and associated TV/Monitor connections.

    *** Not supported at this time. We are working with beta code provided by Sony to gain this support. Stay tuned ...

    **** Bluetooth devices are seen by Linux, but not easily enabled. At this time, Bluetooth is considered unsupported on the PS3.

    please note tho some people have been able to get usb dongle wireless devices to work on the ps3. this is a round about way to get it but it may work. I don't know as I have not tested this.

    Last edited by maxzinc; 12-09-2006 at 06:15 PM

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    i did some searching around the web and i found out about BlueZ, basically it supports bluetooth on linux, im completley new to it tho, so when i try to install it i have no idea what to do... there are actually instructions on the terasoft webpage...

    This HOWTO describes how to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with Yellow Dog Linux 4.0 and above. While other Bluetooth devices may be immediately supported, a keyboard and mouse were proved functional.

    Install the BlueZ packages, the official Bluetooth for Linux utilities:
    yum install bluez* [ENTER]
    Reboot your system.
    Your Bluetooth keyboard/mouse should be detected automatically.
    This howto was written by AJ Hawks, Terra Soft Solutions
    now when they say the packeges, i downloaded the stuff from the actual bluez webpage, now i put the stuff on my SD card and i transferd them over to linux, and i entered the command yum install bluez* (oh and i was logged in as root like they tell you to) and i get an error... can someone help me install? i dont know where im supposed to put the files and how to install...

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    YDL for ps3 has VNC with it already, and I got it to work no problem. I could see my Windows MediaCenterXP machine just fine. It actually worked better than I thought it would as far as speed. I have a 10/100mb router, so I was thinking of getting a 10/100/1000mb router to have even greater speed to my windows box, and then VNC it seems like it would run smooth as silk on the ps3 then.

    Although like I said it's not bad like it is now. If only VNC had an option to fit to your screen, but you can always change your resolution on your PC so it fits better when you VNC into it. I've also networked to my windows box and can view pictures, and my mp3's, but can't seem to play my mp3's with any player that YDL has already. So I try to install other players which I downloaded with no problem, but can't seem to install none of them. I used the yum, pup, ./, rmp, I just can't get anything to install on it.

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    YDL 5.0 has no public repositories yet. They are pay access only for now. This is why you are having trouble installing most likely. The public repos should be up near xmas.


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