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Closed Thread
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    Mar 2008
    I'm downloading it now, hoping I won't have to upgrade.

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    Lucky you.

    Signed Hulligan85, still HOMEless.

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    I dont think SONY will produce an open beta, i think they will just go straight through to launch. The closed closed beta has gone on for so long and they and recieved much feedback and have changed accordingly so i dont think there will be any need for an open beta. Sorry guys.

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    it would be nice to get into the beta, but i think i would be bored since i wouldn't be able to interact with my friends unless they got into it as well. Probably best to just wait anyway and see the finished product.

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    Iím looking here as well for US and hoping it is not like AUS/NZ servers where you have to host a game of resistance fall of man

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    My friend got the beta & I gotta say it's genius! ^^


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    Mar 2008
    I want to pull me hair out, they need to relese this already!

Closed Thread
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