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    is there any way to still sign up for the beta trail in europe?

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    Apr 2007
    This is cool.. looks like i have to make a Au Acc.

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    Any ideas on plans for the UK home ?

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    May 2007
    that link is not working, i did au account and nothing, like its never been there

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    Another wave of Home Beta is going out

    What region did you select when you were making your acount

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    I remember to have signed for Home Beta... but i'm from Italy, and i think i will never get the invite until final release.

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    Dec 2006
    man... how do i get on this for US..

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    Jan 2008
    im in New zealand and havent got it..... probs no betas in new zealand...

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    I hope i get in

    I hope i really get in because i've been trying to get in for preyty long.

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    man why not do an open beta....all of us people are dying to be part of the process!! i know i am.

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