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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Store links are just direct links to everything that you can download from the PSN Store with your PS3, having them here compiled in a list means that you can have your favorite demo's etc archived on your pc, and also means you don't need to leave your PS3 on for lengthy downloads. (R&C:Future TOD anyone?) To make use of these links, your Firmware must be above fw1.50.
    Firstly, this guide is for PS3 Firmware's at and above 1.60. I figure that those that still wish to stay below that know what they are doing. 1.60 is needed as it gives you access to the Folding At Home ([email protected] henceforth) download.
    So first, we ned to grab two things;
    -CF3B5's PS3.Proxyserver GUI Download Here
    Before you grab the Net Framework, fire up the Proxyserver app just incase you already have the required framework that it depends on to run. If its not installed, you will be faced with an error. Also, if you have [email protected] installed on your PS3, delete it as it is needed to use links. Once you have a running Proxyserver with no [email protected] installed, follow these instructions:
    -A.)First, make sure the app is running in PS3 Mode (usually by default), by clicking the appropriate radio button.
    -B.) You will now need to enter your computers local IP address into the designated text box. This will usually be or if you do not have any other computers running on your network, otherwise check in your router settings or just go by process of elimination (try changing the third digit for a 1 or a 0 or try to keep adding on 1 to the last digit ie etc.) You will know if its the wrong IP because the app will give you an error along the lines of "Unhandled Exception" when the start button is clicked
    -C.) Most likely you will just need to leave the port (or prot as may be the case) field as 8080, unless you have specific settings blocking that port.
    -D.) Now change over to the replace files tab. You will be presented with a white box and an add button. Click to add a new divert link. A small text box split half way down the middle will appear. The first half is for the source link that you want to divert, (in this case the [email protected] link) and the second half is the file the link should divert to (the game, demo, etc you want to install). So you will need to add one of the following links to the left box by copy-pasting(depending on your region PAL, NTSC, ASIA) These are the only links I am aware of, country codes dont apply here.
    NOTE: Make sure you right click and COPY THE LINK LOCATION of these links instead of just copy pasting as these forums automatically parse( add the ...) links and when normally copy pasted will not show up fully (you will be copying the parsed link)
    -E.) Now you need to add the .pkg file you have downloaded from the list to the second box, as currnetly the [email protected] link is pointing to nothing. So click the ... button and find wherever the file that you want to link was saved.
    -F.) Thats it! Now just go back to the main tab and click the big start button. Once its text changes to stop, the link is now being diverted.
    -G.) Next up you will need to change the connection settings on your PS3. So go down to connection setings in the settings column. Select custom settings when prompted, and leave everything default except for "Use a Proxy Connection"; enable this. add to it the same IP and Port that you entered in the Proxyserver.
    -H.) Your finished! Now go to the [email protected] icon and click download. If the download shows that it is around 55Mb, something has gone wrong as this is the actual [email protected] size. Most likely you have not enabled the proxy on the PS3 or entered a wrong IP somewhere as everything else would have yielded error messages.) Otherwise, enjoy not having to leave you PS3 on for hours at a time while demos download!
    This guide was written by me from memory, so there may be some slight errors, if any are found let me know.
    Note- there are some demoes that are US exclusive which need to be activated on the US store before they can be played. To do this, log into the US store using a US PSN account and start downloading the actual demo. This will activate the demo on your system. From there, just download the demo via [email protected] the normal way. IF anyone has any issues with this feel free to post below. List of games that currently need this method: NHL 08, MX vs ATV, and possibly Def Jam Icon.

    0-I assume that you have your PS3 connection configured to use the proxy.
    1-Run the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI, tick the PS3 option and Start the proxy.
    2-Enter to the USA PSN Store, and browse until you find the demo that you want to install and start the download
    3-Cancel the download immediately you see the download bar
    4-Open the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI and go to the Logs tab
    5-Right click to copy the URL of the game
    6-Go to the Replace Files tab, press the Add button
    7-Paste the link you copied in the step 5 in the left field
    8-Select the small button in the right field and browse for the downloaded PKG file
    9-Select to download the demo again on the PSN link
    10-Wait until it installs the demo.

    0- In the PS3 Proxy clear all the demo related links in the "Replace Files" tab
    1- In the PSN store, go to your download list.
    2- Start the download of a large game (it doesn't matter if it is already installed)
    3- Select download it in background
    4- Immediately select a second large game (it can be any, just a different game)
    5- Keep pressing X several times until the download go to background. It is important that you do this fast.
    6- Exit from PSN store, and go to pause both downloads. (Do this fast too)
    7- In the PS3 Proxy Server, copy the URL of the second game (the game selected in the step 4)
    8- Go to "Replace Files" tab, press Add button and paste it in the left field and select the browse button to select the local PKG of the game that you want to install.
    9- In the PS3, cancel the first download and resume the second download (it should say 0% and that it downloaded 32KB).
    10- After download you will see a PKG installer listed in a bubble in the Games menu (but with the name of the game you selected in the step 4).
    11- Press X to install the PKG, at the end you will notice that you really installed the PKG downloaded from the Proxy.

    More info can be found here on the 2 above methods.

    This is a COMMUNITY driven thread, just like any other. We rely on the good folks who read this to contribute links via their sense of community spirit. If there is a link absent, why dont you add it for us? Its as easy as starting a download from the store and checking the "LOG" tab of PS3.PROXYSERVER then copying the last entry of it into a quick post at the bottom of this page. Once thats done you can stop your download and feel good about giving something back to the community.

    Well, apart from the afore mentioned warm feeling of helping out, you will also get guaranteed rep (providing the link is valid and is not already on the list) and your name on our brand new "CONTRIBUTERS" section at the bottom of this post! Win Win!

    This listing is the result of the old PS3 Store Links Thread, which was full of duplicates and uncertainties. While as much as possible has been salvaged, there is always going to be errors. We rely upon users to help us keep this as accurate as possible so that over time it will contain all relevent links and sizes. If you find somewthing noteworthy that needs to be removed/changed/added, post it below. In order to maintain this level of accuracy, avoid posting links if it has been posted previously to avoid duplicates and when you do post a new link, make it as detailed as possible; ie. Is it a new edition of a previously released demo? Have you confirmed that it is different to the US store(in relation to demos in other regions)
    It has been brought to my attention that there have been exclusive cases where some demos need to be downloaded from a specific region store for them to work. While I have tried my best to create a listing as accurate as possible, there are bound to be inconsistencies and errors. For the time being this listing will remain as it is, and further examples of exceptions to the conventions of the listing will be added in the correct manner when the need arises. Hope this clears up some problems people are having.

    5. WHY CANT I DOWNLOAD ALL THOSE GAMES LISTED IN THE [full games(currently working) SECTION?
    You will notice some red text just below the header of the said section proclaiming that LEMMINGS and GO! SUKOKU both do not work. This is because as of firmware 1.60, what is commonly referred to as the "old method" no longer works. This method used the same basic principal as the [email protected] method, only it was performed by diverting a link directly from the PS store. This no longer works as it will send the file to the PHOTO section of your HDD, never to be seen again.While it says that only LEMMINGS and GO! SUDOKU do not work, solid confirmation that the other titles work is not certain. If you have installed any of the games in the said section (at FW 2.10 not below, as that is what the majority of users here are on) successfully, please post below.

    For The Sake Of Presentation & Readability, all the links that Were Duplicated in the EUR and JAP Stores were removed as the content is the same. To the best of my knowledge, there is little to no difference between us links and eu links. Thats not to say there is nothing between them at all, just that the differences are negligible. If there are any specific links that anyone feels have a noticeable difference when downloaded from the EU store, by all means post them up here with a description of what separates it from its US counterpart and i will add a separate section for EU links similar to the JAP links that are currently listed.

    ***STORE LINKS***
    If you find any discrepancies in these listings, feel free to let us know.
    Thanks to CJPC, we now have a lot more manageable format of these lists available here:

    Big Thanks To The Following Members:

    -Duff Man
    -Calimero Oeuf
    -Man on the moon

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    Apr 2005
    THANKS in 2010 once again vonadala and +Rep to you of course!

    PS3 Theme Requests - 04.01.2010 PSN Update

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