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    whats types of media does the Mplayer play? Is it for playing mpeg and dvd movies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trip2hard View Post
    whats types of media does the Mplayer play? Is it for playing mpeg and dvd movies?
    A quick Google (or Wikipedia) could have answered that, but from the MPlayer site though:

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    I'm thinkin about installing YDL myself but I've got one tiny question

    Are all of the SNES games running at full speed?

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    why do i keep gettin an error when trying to install using yum?

    what does the error mean?

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    can anyone help me out with this?
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    Instead of abusing your time by installing all this stuff manually, with probably a low amount of knowledge (Why else would you need a manual ?) you could also install Megabox, which is a linux distro aimed to be XBMC like, but based on Gentoo & Freevo.

    Plus, it comes with p2p and emu's preinstalled. Sixaxis as a mouse support etc, it all just works. Beta's are to be found @

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    I already have install ydl 6.0 but when i try to install the mplayer or the vlc it shows this:

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    What should i do?

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    Thanks.. Just need to get a USB mouse and keyboard and I'm ready to go.

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    ./configure && make when i type this in nothing happen it tells me

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    what do i do ?

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    I got a question about the way that you install updates and install programs using the terminal and yum install. Is there a way to install udf 2.5 support for PS3/YDL? noob here hope this isn't a dumb question iths just that everytime i try to install i can't understand the steps

    2.5. Extract to the folder /root/linux (That's just how I did it so I don't want to change anything)
    (Placing the RAR in root and then right-click "extract here" will do this)

    I dont understand this part of how to extract to this folder or if i need to make the folder first which i dont know how to do either

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    it worked fine for me.. thanks!

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