Hi guys, My friend Bill rang me to tell me that a spanish site was displaying links to the BLES an BLUS versions of the game. At the time of him telling me this info he had returned home to see if his pc had finished the download, but he found that his computer was off, he try'd to turn it on but to no avail it wasn't having none of it.

It has lead him to the conclusion that the download of this supposed Aliens colonial marines leak has ballsed up his computer, So now I am warning my fellow ps3news users DONT DOWNLOAD THIS... ITS A POSSIBLE FAKE...

Here's the link to show everyone to watch out for it: bajaps3.com/verficha-955_Aliens_Colonial_Marines.html

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Video game based on the film Aliens, James Cameron. In this title Incarnated a space marine in a game clearly action-oriented, with cooperative campaign and various multiplayer modes.

Region: EUR Language: Multi Spanish
ID: BLES-01455 Original FW: 4.31
Year: 2013 Genre: Action
Size: 5866 MB Uploader: admin
Available: Uploaded BillionUpload Letitbit Nowdownload Cloudzer Torrent

Note: Functional CFW 4.31 with the latest Multiman

It says on this leak that the game is 5886MB, wich I find hard to beleave unless its compressed..

Guys take heed of my warning... Be careful