Come Friday and we normally sneak out early off work, go some place and get drunk. Thankfully, we still had not managed to sneak off and get ourselves drunk silly when we realized that we have stumbled upon a treasure trove of sorts.

On our hands here, we have an awesome quantity of previously unreleased details of the upcoming DICE game, Battlefield: Bad Company scheduled to be seen on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. In the next few hours, we will give up on the bottle for a while and keep updating you with more juicy details of the game, at least until EA decides to send some lawyers our way.

If this has got the Battlefield fans salivating all over their keyboard already, take a look at the Achievement list for the Xbox 360 version of the game and know for yourself why the much talked about Trophy system won't be seen in the PS3 version.

Before we show you the list though, let us tell you that the Achievements are still very much a work in progress and can be changed in the final version of the game.

Single Player Achievements:

25 kills in a Heli GS 10
Complete every level on Hard GS 20
Complete every level on Medium GS 25
25 enemy kills GS 25
Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty) GS 15
Complete one objective without dying (any difficulty) GS 25
Complete first objective in the game GS 15
Complete Mission 7 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 7 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 6 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 6 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 5 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 5 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 4 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 4 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 3 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 3 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 2 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 2 on Medium GS 15
Complete Mission 1 on Hard GS 25
Complete Mission 1 on Medium GS 15
Climb to the highest spot in the game GS 10
Find all Gold Nuggets GS 20
Find half of the Gold Nuggets GS 20
Find one Gold Nugget GS 10
Jump 2 seconds with a Jeep GS 20
Destroy hostile heli with mortar strike GS 20
Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank, Heli, Boat) GS 20
Destroy 50 vehicles. (containing enemy AI) GS 15
Destroy 50 trees on any map (the value should only be possible GS 10 on Green acres)
50 autoinjector shots GS 20
Destroy 20 buildings GS 10

Multiplayer Achievements:

20 squad spawns on player iar (sic) without dying GS 15
Squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round GS 15
Play every map as Defender GS 10
Play every map as Attacker GS 15
Play 100 online matches GS 15
Play 50 online matches GS 10
Play one complete online match (Ranked) GS 10
Get 10001 Kills GS 20
Achive 5 unique awards GS 20
Achive half of the awards (unique) GS 20
Fall in the air for x seconds GS 10
Take 10 pictures using the Nikon image system GS 15
Win a game on every map (ranked) GS 20
100 Kills using vehicle GS 20
Reach Rank 25 (Highest Rank) GS 35
Reach Rank 20 GS 25
Reach Rank 14 GS 20
Reach Rank 8 GS 15
Reach Rank 3 GS 10
Get at least one kill in every vehicle GS 15
Place #1 in a Match (ranked) GS 20
Place in the top half on a Gamemode 1 (ranked) GS 15
Collect 50 Dog Tags (unique players) GS 20
Collect 5 Dog Tags (unique players) GS 20

The Achievement and unlocks are said to be designed to encourage online multiplayer experiences with easy to get gamer points. Also, you will get to unlock exclusive Gamer pictures and themes as you unlock more and more multiplayer achievements. There will be secret achievements that will have you visit the official Battlefield website in order to find out more.

There are plans for including achievements for uploading "Battlefield Moment" screenshots on the official website, but that's only if DICE manages to include a screenshot functionality in-game. Free Xbox LIVE Marketplace content can also be won along with the achievements, though no mention of what the content will be has been made as of yet.

We have been hearing a lot about the supposed Trophy system for the PS3 which will copy the Achievements system found on the Xbox 360. However, any plans of including the Trophy system in this game seems to has been shelved for the time being as Sony, according to the developers, were late in specifying the details of the Trophy system for it's Playstation HOME.

No Trophies for PS3 owners, again, for the time being, though this particular nugget does give much credibility to the assumptions of Sony mimicking the Live Achievements system on the PS3.

Keep watching this place as we update you all with more tidbits. Frankly, we are having an information overload right now as we cope with the having to lift our jaws of the floor with Developers Diaries, never seen before High-Def videos and much more. Rest assured, you are going to see all of it while you wait for the PSN and Xbox LIVE demo release scheduled for the 5th of June 2008.

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