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    Starlight Guest

    80GB PS3 Official UK release date

    Recently announced at E3, the 80GB PlayStation 3 finally has a release date in the UK, 29th August 2008, and will presumably be the same date across Europe. The new 80GB model will phase out the now older 40GB model while sharing the same features (or lack of) at the same price.

    The PlayStation 3 80GB model does NOT feature:

    * Backwards Compatibility with PS2 Games
    * Memory Stick Card Readers
    * SACD Playback
    * Ethernet Cable
    * 4 USB Ports, (The PS3 80GB model features 2)

    It is also being bundled with a DualShock 3 rather than a SIXAXIS too, so if you were considering buying a PS3 then hold out just a little longer and grab yourself a great deal, and with the new platinum range which has just been released you'll be able to pick up some get PS3 titles for a decent price.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    MalcolmHB Guest
    I got a 60GB here in the UK last year, i cant see why you would want to buy one of these with all those features missing

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