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    80GB PS3 Confirmed for Europe, Arrives August 27, 2008

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head David Reeves told members of the European press at private event held in Santa Monica that the 80GB equipped PlayStation 3 Core Pack - first announced by Jack Tretton at the company's E3 presser - will hit all PAL territories on August 27, with the exception of Russia.

    The unit will cost £299 (€399), with additional bundle configurations set to arrive between September and mid-December at varying price points.

    Just like in North America, this model will replace the 40GB, while retaining all of its functionality. So - yes, that means no backwards compatibility.

    To quote: "In PAL, we will introduce an 80GB PS3 80Gb on August 27th. It will be a simultaneous launch across all PAL territories, and reach Russia two weeks later, due to compliance issues. "It will cost 399 Euros or £299. Promotional bundles will arrive between mid-September and mid-December at various prices.

    "The 40GB model will be replaced by 80GB. Don't ask if we're going to go down in price on 40GB - the answer is no.

    "This has been planned by Kaz [Hirai] for months. There are very few 40GB models left - especially in UK. We predict we'll be out of stock by the time we launch."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    oh thats a joke! I bought my 40GB PS3 only 3 weeks ago for 299. aw well.. id rather have it now than end of august and there is alway the solution of external hard drives.

    does the 80GB have BC?

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    Stonecutter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mrmiller24 View Post
    does the 80GB have BC?
    Yes I do believe it has backwards compatibility, but only has support for about 80% of games but I think this will change later on as updates are released.

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