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    Registered User stick70's Avatar
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    ps3 loading

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    So does anyone know how to load games dvd's and music to the hard drive of ps3

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    Quote Originally Posted by seminolecounty View Post
    I found this info googling and i thought i would share it:


    but my question is will it void that warranty??? ok well just a lil more info on the kick ass ps3 (which i just picked up yesterday! hehe gotta brag) lol ;p
    No it won't void your warranty. Infact the ps3 manual tells you on how to upgrade to a bigger drive if you wish

    stick70: there is no way to load games off the hard drive yet. You can however copy all your mp3s from your cd onto the ps3's hard drive.
    1) load the media (CD, etc)
    In the XMB:
    go to the music section:
    2) select the file or folder (if you have multiple mp3s)
    3) press /\
    3) and press copy

    that's it.. Hope it helps.

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    I think its really cool you can put a normal HD in the PS3. The 360 has like its own made HD which sucks. I know sooner or later i will break and get myself a PS3

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    I bought one of those adapters and I had an extra 250gb SATA HD laying around, THIS ONE, and tried it, but the PS3 just freezes. I know the adapter works because, I tried hooking up the 20gb 2'5 HDD that came with PS3 and it works fine through the adapter. Does anyone know why this hard drive doesn't work?

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    STILL wondering why there is a need for the hard drive in the first place - but i guess the future prospect of being able to copy Blu-Ray games onto the HDD is good enough for now.... i have a 120GB modded XBOX with 37 games on it, but i can't figure out the need for the PS3 hard drive being 60GB or even 20GB right now? 'the hell i need to put music and movies and images on it for?

    weird, anyways, thanks for the input on getting the 750GB to work with the PS3, when it eventually gets hacked and everything works successfully, i'll sign up for that!!!

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    Does anyone know of a good place to get the adapter? It's hard to find places online that sell them....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarciaM25 View Post
    STILL wondering why there is a need for the hard drive in the first place
    The ability to save game caches to increase load times, downloading demos, trailers, and arcade games, use of memory cards not needed, etc. Hard drives are convenient on consoles.

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    guess that makes sense - in computers, using up all your memory for running tasks is a strain on the memory, giving up some processes to the HDD (granted its fast enough to keep up) would allow the computer to run quicker.... cool! thanks!

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    So where are you stashing the drive? Is it just hanging out behind the console? At that point think I'd just use an external case and save the hassle while keeping the original 20/60 gigs available. If it could be crammed in however..

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    Nah, there's no room for anything other than a 2.5" drive in the console. But I'd much rather get a 400GB more for my money and have a cable and drive hanging out of my system.


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