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    i'd like to know what label of HDD you can use that is optimal compatible with ps3, i want to install linux and other os (i have a pal 40 gig, without cardreader component and only 2 usb ports )

    happy trails

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    i happy with my 320gb western digital 2.5" sata 5400rpm hard drive. bought on ebay for around 70 inc UK delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikekavla View Post
    Can I connect my external hard drive already formatted to FAT32 to the PS3 without reformatting again? I have tons of music on it and dont want to lose them.
    you can connect it via the usb port. you dont have to format your external disk if you just want to connect it.

    when you want to exchange your ps3 intern disk with a new one then you have to format it.

    -- rrzo

Closed Thread
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