Today Grip Games CEO Jakub Mikyska has revealed that 5-In-1 Arcade Hits is coming to PSP and PS3 Minis on PSN at the end of June.

To quote: I would like to introduce you to Grip Games and our first upcoming minis game that will be released for PSP and PlayStation 3.

Most of our team came from mobile games development houses, including Disney Mobile Studios. We wanted to switch from iPhones and PDAs to a real gaming platform. That is why we are here now.

The game I would like to tell you about is "5-in-1 Arcade Hits". We couldn't agree on what kind of game our first PSP project should be, so we made a little bit of everything

5-in-1 Arcade Hits contains five games:

Pairs (AKA Concentration) is a memory game. 8ball Pool is, surprise, a favorite Pool game. 15Puzzle is a logical game where you have to slide 15 tiles into a right order.

Next one is Solitaire, a number one time-killer game in the world and finally, Tetroid, is a hectic action Arkanoid/Pong mix.

It definitely seems like a ragtag compilation of games, but we really wanted to have a game for anyone there. It does not matter whether you like all of the games or just one - there's always something for you that you can play.

There are a lot of game modes and difficulty settings; there are singleplayer as well as multiplayer modes, including a Pong-like head-to-head battle for two players on one PSP.

Do you miss the Trophies and Leaderboards functionality in the minis games? We definitely do, so we have decided to do something about that.

First, there are "Medals" that you can get for completing certain in-game tasks (sounds familiar?) and second, the game generates a short alphanumerical code for you that you can enter at our Web site and all your medals will be transferred online and you will be able to see how you are standing against the other players in global leaderboards.

The game will come out at the end of June.

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