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    2K Games: BioShock PS3 Patch Coming to Fix Texture Issues

    Just over a week ago, we reported on the BioShock Demo's Texture issues.

    Today, 2K Elizabeth (2K Community Manager) has reported that the 2K Development Team is working on a patch for BioShock on the PS3 which should fix all of the visual problems.

    For now, she confirmed that two fixes are included relating to the Big Daddy Bouncer and Elite Bouncer Textures Appeared Pixelated and White Bars.

    To quote: Hey guys,

    I have good news from the dev team about a patch for BioShock PS3! They have been working on a patch to address the concerns some of you on the forum have talked about. As work is in progress I do not have a definite date for when this patch will be released as it needs to be tested and clear certification with Sony before it is scheduled and released. I do know this will not be until after the gameís launch, and I will update you with details on that date as I receive them.

    Iíll be releasing the entire patch list when itís all finalized, but for now Iím sure youíll be happy to see that these two fixes are included.

    One picture is available below, check out the link above for the other! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    imec Guest
    They still did a pretty poor job. I mean, it's great that they fixed the Big Daddies and all but the texture blurring cannot be patched (or the performance would be laughable). 2K should have considered hiring some external PS3 devs with this port (although the Unreal Engine is supposedly extremely difficult to work on the PS3).

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