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    2K Games: BioShock Demo Texture an Exception, Full Game Fine

    Recently several gamers have been left confused and upset by textures in the BioShock demo for PS3 which looked relatively sub-par.

    2K Elizabeth, a 2K Community Manager has commented on the matter by stating that there is an instance where the demo's texture doesn't look too good at all, but this is just an exception and the full game does look amazing on the PS3.

    To quote: Hey guys,

    First, I want to thank you for the acute attention to detail and the Spartan level of expectation our most devoted BioShock fans hold us to, and how excited you are and attentive to the BioShock PS3 demo. When we saw a post asking about issues found in the demo, we jumped on it immediately. And you know what, you're right.

    The texture in the PS3 demo of the downed Big Daddy does not match our level of quality either. This slipped by. We admit it.

    However, I want to assure you that this is an exception, and not a rule, and while I regret this oversight, we put a lot of love into making this game look amazing for the PS3 and I'm sure that when you play the rest of the demo you will agree that the textures are not all like this one instance.

    As for the other issues and concerns, we are currently diligently working to replicate any bugs, and will report back to you with what we find. Thank you for your vigilance here and moving forward. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    imec Guest
    I mean, the low detail problem with the big daddy could be blamed on size limitations for downloading purposes. But honestly, it's not really a concern for me. The real thing that bugs me is the issue with texture filtering. Which is very evident in the comparison screenshots I have seen (http://www.ripten.com/2008/10/05/ps3-bioshittiness-not-limited-to-big-daddies/).

    I really really hope that they skipped on these textures for size reasons (didn't someone at IGN or something say that the game looked better on the PS3?). Notice how it gets worse as the distance increases (is this an anisotropic problem?). Hopefully this has been alleviated in the full version.

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    blood911 Guest
    I've played the demo and it wasn't horrible. I never liked Bioshock, and if I did, this demo would've turned me off. Many pre-orders were cancelled because of it so I cannot comprehend why they'd release a sub-par product like that. I won't be buying the game either way, but I'd second guess it if I was a fan.

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