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    Registered User Nixdawg's Avatar
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    20GB PS3 Composite cables.

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    Can anybody tell me if the 20GB version comes with composite cables. If not, I heard I can use the PS2 compisite cables. Is this true? The 20GB doesn't have an HDMI out put on it does it? Finally if it does have an HDMI output can I use an HDMI to DVI converter and get better quality video output than the compisite cables. My TV supports up to 1080i.

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    The 20GB model has HDMI... the DVI-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI works too... just not 1080p only upto 720p and 1080i. From my PS3 to my overhead projector I use a DVI cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    The 20GB model has HDMI... the DVI-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-DVI works too... just not 1080p only upto 720p and 1080i. From my PS3 to my overhead projector I use a DVI cable
    Do you think using the DVI is better than the composite cable?

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    Yes, definitely, everything is better than composite. DVI doesn't look much better than component though if you have good cables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    Wait a sec... the 20gb version only supports UP TO 1080i? THAT SUX!
    Both versions support FULL 1080p, he was just saying that the DVI cable can only support a max of 1080i/720p and not 1080p.

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    thats absolutely not true.

    DVI is the same as hdmi just without the sound going trough the extra pins.

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    Yes, DVI supports 1080p....its all over the web!

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    I can verify the DVI supports 1080p...at least on my TV it does. I am using the DVI because I have an older HDTV. It doesn't have HDMI. When I set up my PS3, I was prompted as to what resolution I wanted my viewing experience to be set at and it showed what the PS3 supported with my HDTV (Panasonic). I will tell you that I hooked up my old PS2 component cables (Monster brand) and it looked a lot different than the DVI connection. All of the colors were darker and the edges were not as crisp. It worked better with my PS2. As stated earlier, the only downside to the DVI is you have to run sound cables, which I am just using the stock connector.

    The PS3 has a menu select so that the video is turned off through the standard RCA cable and run through the DVI while running sound through the RCA cables still.

    I've heard many naysayers telling me I waisted my money. The graphics aren't that good. It doesn't look that great. All of those people that have told me that don't have HDTV's either. I tell all of them of course it would be a waist for them because they could only see it in SDTV. Who wants that? Once you go high-def...there's nothing else you want to see.

    I was at my friend's house last night and he has a new HP Plasma HDTV (52" model). I don't know what his specs are, but he was using a standard cable box and composite cables. It looked horrible. What a waist of $4800 (that's what he paid for the TV). Even the XBOX looked like crap. But he didn't know because he's not into all that. He just knows he has a flat screen hanging on his wall. I felt sorry for him, so we're going shopping after X-mas to get the rest of the stuff he needs to get his true Hi-Def. We are then going to hook up my PS3 and see what it does...

    I will report back afterwards...

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    just imagine what his reaction will be once he sees HD. Take you're ps3 and hook it up via HDMI if possible (I'm sure it is) and throw in a blu-ray movie and he'll crap himself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    Where is this true that a DVI connection can only go up to 1080i? Do you have a reliable website link?
    LOL, I wasn't stating that DVI supports only up to 1080i, I was just posting what the other guy said because someone misinterpreted the post much like you misinterpreted my last post.


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