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Thread: Is 2009 Really the Year of Sony's PlayStation 3 Console?

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    Starlight Guest

    Is 2009 Really the Year of Sony's PlayStation 3 Console?

    If you ask just about any ill-informed PlayStation fanboy on any forum what Sony has in store for them in 2009, they will almost certainly reply to you with a list of games that looks a little like this:

    - God of War III
    - Heavy Rain
    - Uncharted 2
    - MAG
    - inFamous
    - Killzone 2
    - Gran Turismo 5
    - Quantum Theory

    Then they would go about spouting first-party studios they have not heard from in a while, claiming "Team ICO's unannounced project".

    How many of these games do you expect to see the light of day in 2009? Let's take a look back over the years so far. In the past we have seen top-notch first-party exclusives such as LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 being delayed over and over again and third party games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 receiving similar delays, it is clear that it isn't just Sony dropping the ball.

    It is highly possible that many of these developers over-estimated their skills at programming, making a game from the ground up seemed on a system deemed by developers as 'difficult to program for'.

    First, let's get these unannounced games out the way, if they are unannounced, the chances of them releasing any time within the next year are unlikely. It is still within possibility that Team ICO are planning to stick by their four year release cycle and could still announce that game as late as E3 and push it out by December.

    After all, we know that they have definitely been brewing something up for awhile now. However, until it is announced and confirmed for 2009, these games do not belong in Sony's line-up.

    Following this is God of War III. This is a big game for Sony, no doubt, and we have heard conflicting comments from different liable sources that God of War III could arrive in either 2009 or 2010.

    Although this is still a notable game to list in the 2009 line-up until confirmed otherwise, it is worth a reminder that no God of War game (aside from the mobile phone game) has ever been release outside the month March in the USA. It is also worth noting that Sony's fiscal year 2009 ends in March 2010.

    It is easy to remain sceptical about Heavy Rain, MAG, and Gran Turismo 5. We are yet to find out any details on MAG, still a little unclear on Heavy Rain's release window, and it is always likely that Gran Turismo 5 could be a 2010 release.

    Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed numerous times and even stated as a 2010 release at one point. Now it is 2009 and still not much word as to how the game is coming along.

    At least we can rest easy that Uncharted 2 will likely come this year, Naughty-Dog has been very good to us so far, and with their engine already built and improved upon, numerous details, flooding out, beautiful screenshots, and a Q4 2009 release window confirmed, it is hard to remain cynical about this game.

    Insomniac is another reliable studio, so if they announce something this year for 2009, there would be little reason to doubt them.

    Sony has dropped the ball time after time with their exclusives, it is almost impossible to expect so much from this year's line-up of exclusives. As Sony's customers, we really should have learnt our lesson by now. Any thoughts from others? Comment below!

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    Delacroixx Guest

    Could be...

    I think 2009 will be an OK year for PS3 (considering i'm a hardcore xbox fan and i bought one this year). I think for aslong as PS3 lacks a great RPG it will remain under xbox. We really need Final Fantasy 13, or kingdom hearts 3...or any rpg simular. I think that me as well as tons of other PS3 owners really want an RPG. Disgia looks like SNES...valkyria and Eternal Sonata have no adventure, and straight linear paths from start to finish. We need a good RPG!! then i will say is the year of the PS3.

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    BluEvo Guest
    I agree, I'm craving for FF13 and FF Versus 13.

    Delacroixx you'll soon come to realise that the 360 is more of a toy whilst the PS3 is more of a computer, media hub and console device all in one and therefore IMO the PS3 is the better system. BTW i'm not a fanboy as I have a 360

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    saviour07 Guest
    i agree with what you say about the unlikely release dates of gt5, mag, and heavy rain and that the fanboys do just regurgitate a list of games still in development when faced with the question "will this be ps3's year?"

    but i think the ps3 is at the point in its life cycle now where people have to stop asking when its gonna be ps3's year and just start enjoying it as it is! the fact is, there may never be a difinitive year where people will say "THAT is when the ps3 turned it all around"
    there are alot of good games out now, whether theyre exclusive or multi platform, and if you already own a ps3 then you dont need to justify your purchase with "this is playstations year because..." because you bought it for a (hopefully informed) reason and the amount of quality games on offer now are as good enough reason to buy it as any game that is coming within the foreseeable future

    a good rpg library would be beneficial for sony's beast, so hopefully they will try to secure something with dev's soon!
    and yeh ff13/ff versus 13 is gonna pwn

    not a fanboy, just a lover of games

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