[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=2843000[/IMGW] The hunt for the title begins! These playoffs feature a number of intriguing story lines. Can Iverson and Carmelo form a two-headed monster? Will the Suns finally reach their zenith? Can C-Webb find his elusive ring in Detroit with 'Sheed and the boys, or will Wade and the Heat repeat?

With teams and seeds now officially set, we turned to NBA 2K7 for our playoff predictions.

Eastern Conference First Round

(1) Detroit Pistons vs. (8) Orlando Magic

Motown Magic
Detroit is as stacked as a Vegas call girl. Chauncey (92 overall) and Rip (99 stamina) run defenders ragged and provide points in bunches. C-Webb, looking right at home (86 low post) on the block, forms a formidable frontline with 'Sheed while Tayshaun Prince (89 defense) serves as the resident lockdown specialist. The Piston's only legit concern is keeping Orlando manchild Dwight Howard (96 rebounding) off the boards.

Key matchup:
Tayshaun Prince locked down former Rock City player Grant Hill. Without Hill's offense (87 rating) sparkling, the Magic had limited firepower.

Series Outcome: Pistons 4-0

(2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs. (7) Washington Wizards
No running on these bulls
No Agent Zero. No Caron Butler. How could the high-octane Wizards hope to compete against the King from Cleveland? They couldn't. There was no wonder in these Wizards' wands. This was a story of sheer domination as Lebron (98 overall) went bonkers on the Gilbert-less Wiz' and big Z got in the act downlow.

Key matchup:
With top scorers Gilbert Arenas (93 overall) and Caron Butler (83 overall) on the DL, King James delivered more buckets than KFC.

Series Outcome: Cavaliers 4-0

(3) Toronto Raptors vs. (6) New Jersey Nets

Are those claws real?
The surprise Raptors have been the league Cinderella all season. Unfortunately, 2K7 didn't see it that way. The high-flying Jersey Swamp version of Run-TMC (Vince Carter - 99 dunk, RJ - 90 layups and J. Kidd - 92 passing) prove these Raptors are more leaf eaters than carnivores on the court.

Key Matchup:
Chris Bosh (91 overall) is way too much for Jason Collins (74 defense) to handle. It's too bad Bosh had no sidekicks.

Series Outcome: Nets 4-2

(4) Miami Heat vs. (5) Chicago Bulls

Hot, Hot Heat
Ben Wallace is big and he's bad. But the only thing he's really got on Shaq in this series is the precocious hair. Otherwise, Ben doesn't get much help against the Diesel. So when Wade does his usual thing and Antoine Walker and Udonis Haslem show up strong in the box score, the Bulls are done for. Kaput.

Key Matchup:
The Heat role players. In 2K7, it's almost hard not to score with Wade. So when guys like 'Toine, Haslem and J-Will get loose, they're championship caliber.

Series Outcome: Miami Heat 4-2

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