With John on a little post-E3 downtime, Shane and Garnett bring the show back home to the studio after our Santa Monica adventure. In the middle segment we reflect back on it all and tie up some loose ends. To help with that, GFW's Jeff Green and 1UP's Jeremy "T-Frog" Parish join us. We hit some more PC titles with Jeff and with Jeremy, who anchored our Nintendo coverage at the show, we hit stars like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy. Yours returns to its regular format this week too, with Whatcha Been Playin in the opening segment where Garnett has finished the Darkness and dabbled with Project Sylpheed, and Jeremy has gotten back in touch with his import gamer side. Closing out the show we hit the crazy week after E3 headlines--Peter Moore leaving Microsoft, those zany Silicon Knights suing Epic, and more. Will this show ever fall back from being a two-hour epic? Not at this rate!

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