You wanted more Wii games on The 1UP Show? We've got one for you that stars a swift little hedgehog in Sonic and The Secret Rings. EGM's Executive Editor Shane Bettenhausen and Reviews Editor Greg Ford discuss the latest installment in this franchise.

You're still a month from playing God of War 2, but we got our copy early! Greg Ford, EGM's News Editor Michael Donahoe, and 1UP's very own "God of War"/Previews Editor Matt Leone just finished up Kratos' latest adventure and they let us know just how they feel about it.

The 1UP Show's week off wasn't actually time off. We hit the road for the D.I.C.E. Summit with Shane, 1UP's News Editor Luke Smith and our beloved leader Mark MacDonald. They sit down with some of the biggest wigs in the games industry and we've got it all on tape.

At last it is time for the Virtua Fighter 5 Tournament, but bad news hits Team 1UP Show before it can even begin! SEGA recalled the VF5 arcade sticks that we needed to play properly. Ryan O'Donnell, The 1UP Show's big daddy and VF5 superfan asks's top players if this is the greatest Virtua Fighter game yet, and what SEGA could do (aside from getting us sticks) to make it even better.

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