Let the Friday officially commence, we have a new 1UP Show! Mark MacDonald brought a little something back from his recent trip to Japan: Dragon Quest Swords for the Wii! Jeremy Parish is the first to take up the Wiimote and give it a wild swing.

08/03/2007 The 1UP Show: Episode 96

Dragon Quest Swords, ET: Quake Wars, and Persona 3.

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Then we venture into PC zone with Shawn Elliott -- he's been griefing his way around the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta and is ready to share some hot tips with Garnett Lee.

And finally, Mark brings out another Nihon-flavored treat -- this time it's the English version of PS2 role-player Persona 3. EGM reviewers Shane Bettenhausen and Ray Barnholt join Mark to hash out their opinions on EGM's dark horse game-of-the-month winner.

All of this and a look at possible game-of-the-century WolfQuest await. Heed the call of the wild!

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