The 1UP Show 07/06/2007 We're losing our damn minds up in here, but somehow we still found the time to play a few games, film ourselves talking about them, then...well, you know. First up, Matt Leone is kind enough to educate me and Garnett Lee on the finer points of third-person action shooter Stranglehold. Is John Woo's first venture into videogames as action-riffic as his movies? Is it more Hard Boiled or Hard Target? (Cue flying doves.)

The 1UP Show: Episode 87

Stranglehold, Super Stardust HD, and Army of Two.

Download: WMV 640x480 | QT 640x480 Holy crap. The E3 gaming expo is next week. NEXT WEEK. God help us.

Next, by popular demand, we weigh in on the PS3's downloadable answer to 360 arcade fave Geometry Wars. It's called Super Stardust HD, and it is spectacular--Mark MacDonald, Shane Bettenhausen, and Ryan O'Donnell swap their tips, war stories, and (relatively low) high scores.

Finally, Sam Kennedy and Crispin Boyer share a perfectly heterosexual moment in a dark alley discussing EA's co-op shooter Army of Two, bringing our quite awesome 1UP cover week to a spectacular climax.

All of this and more await--download The 1UP Show now. Also, be sure to clear up some room on the ol' hard drive because next week we'll be bringing you The 1UP Show EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. That's right. Every day a new something from E3 and Team 1UP Show, cause we won't be busy or tired or anything. Think of it as our little death wish, turned into a wonderful present...just for you!

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