Excited for BioWare's massive 360 space opera mega-RPG, are ye? Then come along for an extended tour with the crew of the S.S. 1UP Network. Our mission: to create new life with an exclusive look at the custom character creation system; to seek out new civilizations -- and destroy them via vehicle and on-foot combat; to explore tons of new footage, with developer interviews and chit-chat from our specially trained space-nerds (yeah, they read the novel). Basically, to boldly go where no ME preview has gone before.

But before that bountiful feast, we set the table with special back-to-back convention coverage (or bi-converage, for those of you in the know): BlizzCon and QuakeCon. Buckle up your IBM Tandy compatibles: in this corner, StarCraft II and World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King; in the other, Left 4 Dead (including the first footage of playing as a zombie!) and a new level of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.


The 1UP Show: Episode 97

Blizzcon, Quakecon, Mass Effect, and Everyday Shooter.

Download: WMV 640x480 | QT 640x480 Some might say, as we present the final The 1UP Show of our epic summer season, that we saved the best for last. Others, that we went out with a bang. Still others, that we should just cut the BS and get to the point: MASS EFFECT.

Still not watching? Why are you not watching? Alright fine, final offer: in-depth look at kick-ass PlayStation Network game Everyday Shooter. Maybe you've glanced at its trippy visuals, or heard whisperings of its greatness, but we dive right into the guts, rip them out, and proudly put them on display for your pleasure.

As your lawyer, we advise you not to miss it. Also, if you dig the show, why not digg the show? Thanks!

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