This week Team 1UP Show brings you more games than ever before. First up, Ryan O'Donnell and I offer our impressions from a violent barrage of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter II multiplayer sessions with developer Red Storm and Ubisoft. After the beating we took, they treated The 1UP Show (and you) to a first look at a brand-new map you won't see anywhere else -- "Hydrodam."

Many of you might know by now that 1UP Executive Editor James Mielke has a not-so-secret love of Japanese game tapes. He got us excited about one that didn't get lost in translation -- Earth Defense Force 2017. Mielke learns that 1UP Editor Scott Sharkey doesn't need much encouragement to enjoy a game that asks you to use bazookas to destroy giant ants that are attacking Tokyo. Would you?

Giant bugs not your bag of apples? How about an exclusive peek at Shivering Isles, the upcoming expansion to the award-winning, best-selling RPG The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion? I sat down with fellow Oblivion-maniac John Davison to ask the one guy in the office who's played the new content, 1UP Managing Editor Garnett Lee, what's going down in the land of Cyrodiil.

So, we've been keeping a secret and it hasn't been easyEGM's Executive Editor Shane Bettenhausen teased the reveal of a brand-new PSP game a few weeks ago on 1UP Yours, but we weren't able to talk about it...until now. That game? Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. We have an exclusive peek at a couple of levels with our resident Castlevania experts Shane and 1UP's Features Editor Jeremy Parish.

We end this week on a celestial note. 1UP's Previews Editor Matt Leone is a self-proclaimed God of War super-fan. So, when we got a demo disk for God of War II in the office, he was hot to play it. EGM's Previews Editor Bryan Intihar and our own Mark MacDonald sit down to share their feelings about Kratos' fall from Heaven and his violent tendencies.

All of this, plus a dramatic showdown between Mielke and Bettenhausen before the Virtua Fighter 5 Office Tournament of Champions(ish). You'll have to wait until Feb 16. for the startling conclusion to that story line, though -- next week we'll be at the D.I.C.E. conference, so no episode.

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