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    1UP Podcast: PlayStation 3 Slim Madden Bundle Hits This August?

    Just a few days ago we speculated about IGN's Podcast which referenced the PS3 Slim console as being real.

    Today it appears 1UP wants their turn to add some PS3 Slim hype to the Internet in a Podcast of their own, as follows:

    Download: Listen UP - 1UP Podcast

    In this week's episode, David Ellis stated that the PS3 Slim is coming in August and that it will bundled with Madden NFL 10.

    The transcript below can be heard at the 01:26:14 mark.

    To quote: "It's gonna be in August. Everything I've heard says it's coming in August, it's tied with Madden."

    Sony has previously confirmed Madden's release date is August 14... once again only time will tell, eh?

    1UP Podcast: PlayStation 3 Slim Madden Bundle Hits This August?

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    Good News.

    Let's hope!

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    what are the other bundle games in other countries?

    can't imagine much interest for madden outside the US..

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    justMAD.. you are right!! LoL but my friend that works at gamestop said their coming out with a metal gear and killzone bundle, maybe they'll put those in it.

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    Hmmmm I wonder when all these rumors and speculation about the ps3 slim will end... I would say "I hope it gets released soon" but that "no otherOS" thingy made me a wee bit disappointed... Anyway, let's hope for the best, that it has a better design than the "leaked model" and that the no otherOS rumor is false.


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