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    Registered User rakete's Avatar
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    samsung le32 here ... same resolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    So why bother using 1080i which is 1920x1080 when it just scales it to 1366x768. 720p and 1080i would look exactly the same. At least the 720 would be progressive scan!
    Well - BECAUSE - you'll squeeze more info on the screen - more icons / text / windows etc. But indeed it might be more difficult to read depending on downscaling capacity of the telly.

    The point is to get as big desktop as possible as long as it's still readable and both my tellies with native 1366x768 resolution are quite good to actually display 1080i ins till acceptible to quality ...

    I'll compare it to the true 1920x1080(p) telly comming next Thursday morning.

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    I see your point. But I can't see the point personally of having 1080i squashed down to 720p.

    Looking forward to the comparison when you get your new TV though!! What make/model is it?

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    It's a "bud-get-o" aka Tevion (ALDI) - ...

    The price is still unrevealed but according to some rumors it should be 1.199,- which is not bad for 47" with 2 HDMIs and FreeView (DVB-T) build in, wall bracket and 3 years warranty ...

    A good thing is that I can always take it back - which I've done with first LCD telly from ALDI, but the second one so far is very good - 40", also 2 HDMIs, bracket, etc, but only 1366x768 so I need to upgrade to match quality of PS3 now ...

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    Cool! ALDI, so your in the UK too or are they a European company?

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    ALDI is a german company with stores throughout europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by rakete View Post
    ALDI is a german company with stores throughout europe
    ALDI is in US as well ...

    Great Britain

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    Hi fellas,

    just got a new ps3 and a plasma tv (1080i, 720p)

    i dig unix/linux quite a bit, so when i heard we can do this, i got excited.

    because of this thread an others though, i wanted to know what issues i may have with this tv


    is it true 1080i?



    also, is there any plans for easy access to network shares via the ps3 OS. I bought this under the impression i would be able to browse my network (pretty disappointed that my cheap modded xbox, has this feature and my 600 ps3 doesnt (this may need to go into another thread, but thx if you got any info)

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    You just don't understand do you. You are NOT seeing 1080i your TV is downscaling it to your TVs native resolution which is nearer 720p.

    Your TV can ACCEPT a 1080i signal which is why it "works" but it does not DISPLAY a 1080i picture.
    I don't think you understand what the "i" in 1080i stands for. You ARE seeing a 1080 picture in a way - not downscaled to 720. P stands for progressive, which means all pixels are present on the screen at all times. The "I" in 1080i means "interlaced" which basically means that to display the 1080 picture, the screen alternates very quickly between two sets of lines creating the illusion of a true 1080 picture when in actuality that's not what is on the screen.

    1080i is fine for non-moving or slowly-moving images (Linux being one of these things), but 720p is much better if you're going to be playing games, watching movies, or just about anything else that deals with a lot of motion.

    Just wanted to clarify it.

    (Edit: Whoops, I was totally beaten to this...also GrandpaHomer, I'm completely jealous. Can't wait to get a full HD set)
    Last edited by coheedcollapse; 05-18-2007 at 04:06 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyd98 View Post
    Hi fellas,

    just got a new ps3 and a plasma tv (1080i, 720p)
    Aww dude! According to that link your TVs native res is 1024 x 768. Thats not even TRUE 720p never mind 1080i.

    So your 1280x720 (720p) games/movies are going to get downscaled to 1024x768. I would try and return that for a better model if I were you.


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