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    Big Grin GUIDE: UDF 2.5 Support on PS3 Linux - BluRay and HD-DVD Mountability

    Test with both BluRay games and BluRay movies.
    Not tested but should work with HD-DVD drives.

    I strongly encourage all who wish install this use the earliest versions of OtherOS.bld, OtherOS.self, and either Fedora Core 5 or YDL. AGAIN USE OLDEST AVAILABLE YDL AND FC5. Although it shouldn't matter, lower firmware will increase your chance of success.

    Because of some issues I had that were unexplained, but later resolved, a pre-patched kernel is included (Does not have SquashFS patch installed, doesn't seem to matter) This process has been repeated serveral times to make it easiest and most likely to work on the kernel 2.6.16. (The YDL stock kernel)
    NTFS_Write in guide too

    1. Boot into OtherOS
    2. Download kernel2.6.16 patched UDF2.5 (For PS3 Linux)
    2.1. Login as root
    2.5. Extract to the folder /root/linux (That's just how I did it so I don't want to change anything)
    (Placing the RAR in root and then right-click "extract here" will do this)

    3. PRESS ALT+Esc and TYPE termininal and then PRESS up THEN enter (or click the terminal icon)
    4. TYPE cd linux (That's cd SPACE linux)
    5. TYPE make mrproper
    6. TYPE make clean

    7. TYPE make menuconfig
    7.1. PRESS enter
    7.2. HOLD down and THEN SELECT "Load an Alternative Configuration File"
    7.4. HOLD backspace til the line is blank (see Screen_shot_1.jpg)

    7.3. Right-Click "Copy" this line or type it (kernel-2.6.16-ppc64-ps3.config) (See Screen_shot_2.jpg)

    7.4. Select Okay
    7.5. Go up to and Select "File System"
    7.6. HOLD down, Select "DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems" (See Screen_shot_3.jpg)

    7.7. Goto "NTFS write support" PRESS Y
    7.8. PRESS right Then enter, til you see (Screen_shot_4.jpg)

    7.9. Select "Yes"
    7.91. For safety, TYPE make menuconfig, and then PRESS Y.. right THEN enter again and Select "Yes" again

    8. TYPE make vmlinux
    6.1. PRESS enter

    9. TYPE make modules
    10. TYPE make modules_install
    11. TYPE mkinitrd /boot/initrd_NTFS_UDF.img 2.6.16
    12. TYPE cp vmlinux /boot/vmlinux_NTFS_UDF
    13. TYPE cp /boot/
    (Don't forget all of this -Linux- is very case sensitive, be careful)
    14. TYPE gedit /etc/kboot.conf

    15. At the end, type this line - (See Screen_shot_5)

    ydl_ntfs_udf='/dev/sda1:/vmlinux_NTFS_UDF initrd=/dev/sda1:/initrd_NTFS_UDF.img root=/dev/sda2 init=/sbin/init video=ps3fb:mode:3 rhgb' (You can also change default=ydl_ntfs_udf, and you can also change the mode to 4 for 1080i)

    16. Save and reboot
    17. When kboot: comes up type ydl_ntfs_udf
    17.1. PRESS enter
    18. It should now be booted up with NTFS write support and UDF 2.5 read support

    Sorry about the length but it makes it step by step easy for a newb I hope. O and there was a video, sorta, guide, (probably blurry anyways), but I decided not to post it because I had some college girls over...and well, I just don't want to get them in any trouble.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Screen_shot_1.jpg   Screen_shot_2.jpg   Screen_shot_3.jpg   Screen_shot_4.jpg   Screen_shot_5.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaan2 View Post
    Can it all be done automaticly? Like *.bat in windows?
    Yes but the process would have to be tweaked, mainly using a config file saved somewhere else, and then calling it in. But it isn't that simple because I don't know if there was a single config file (I didn't see one) Also this process alone took long enough for me to under stand, and it's been working for me for 2 days and I don't care to tamper with it much more (since if it ain't broke, don't fix it)

    The process only has to done once anyways.

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    Umm, first, Ive got something in the pipeline that might simplify this, but cant say anything (meh!)

    Furthermore, pull a ls -a, there should be a .config (in the kernel src directory) which has that support done up!

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    Stick Out Tongue good job

    This leads me to say, if this is possible then perhaps the gameos side of the hard drive isnt so hard to access. Trying to figure out what you did since the files arent up yet i want to try to get it working myself. Great Work Hacked

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Umm, first, Ive got something in the pipeline that might simplify this, but cant say anything (meh!)

    Furthermore, pull a ls -a, there should be a .config (in the kernel src directory) which has that support done up!
    I have found an undeniable "glitch" in the system after installing the UDF 2.5. The glitch is specific to the PS3 Games, not the movies. How can I chat with you I really think I have something big here and don't want to ruin anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaan2 View Post
    What this mean, you run games without disk?
    You can access the files of a game. BTW I got behind the hypervisor on something, trying to take advantage of it as I type

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    Hey, this might work for patching might not

    1. Get file located at the end of the page
    2. Extract the kernel - kernel_2.6.16-200611...
    3. Before you make mrproper, TYPE patch -p1 < UDF....patch(that file name)
    4. Complete the steps above (In guide)

    (I had problems at first having the files like config, and squashfs.patch)

    I'm going to make the guide to include it though... the file is 86MB

    You can find the kernel on one of these mirrors:

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    Hacked, drop on EFNET #ps3news , drop me a message!

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    can we put BLU RAY movies on HDD now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Hacked, drop on EFNET #ps3news , drop me a message!
    I have problem's accessing EFNET and IRC chats on campus. That's why I'm never there. I wish I could, you can always find me on every other chat thing, I'm never hard to find.

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