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    V14 Fuse (ps3)

    hi again, the "break" of the fuses of a ps2 are cause of what?
    shunt on the board or it also could be guilt of the modchip?
    I bought 5 fuses to replace the breaked one.. but before I start change it I want to know your opinion

    Thanks all

    PS: Sorry the bad english

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    Apr 2005
    fuses can just burn out over time or like mine just not work from the start... (rumble in controller for me never worked). a mod chip could also cause a fuse to burn out, its electronics its hard to explain what can or cant they are really complicated specially when theres a billion things on a motherboard. if you are good at soldering then it should be no problem to replace the fuses.

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    I have removed the 5V wire from the chip and the board and putted a new fuse and now it doesnt burn.. but I dont have image... but this is simpler..

    If you have some idea about the black screen... it would be nice

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    Apr 2005
    check for shorts in the bios area ( mnopqtuvrw points) and also check the ps14 fuse...

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    problem solved
    cause: apple 75k
    the chip was the cause of fuse ps3 burned and no image or sound
    I have desoldered all points from the chip and isolated them. After test it works
    thanks all

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