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    Question Laser Burn Out...

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    I have a V5/V6 (SCPH-30003R) PAL console. I borrowed Swap Magic DVD 2.0 from a friend to play a backup of Spy vs Spy. I inserted Swap Magic DVD 2.0 once I had turned the console on. I swapped using the Slide Tool and inserted the backup of Spy vs Spy. I pressed :x: and waited for the game to load. In a matter of seconds it brought up the red border which means that the backup does not work. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Whilst it brought that up, I smelled a fire like smell coming from the console. I had a feeling that something had gone wrong with one of the components inside. I restarted the console and inserted a DVD based game, and it did not boot up. I did the same with a CD based game and same problem occurs. All it says is "Reading Disc" and does not stop. The next day I tried to boot up the media again to see if it was just the console not working before as it might have overheated. CD based games worked until after the Playstation 2 logo when it brings up the loading screen of a game and it then apparently stops. The laser trys to speed up to read the disc, but just makes strange noises, but no clicking noise. DVD based games just bring up "Disc Read Error".

    I have yet to open the console to have a look at the problem. The main problem is that is Swap Magic meant to make your laser die out on your first go at using it? As I have a feeling the laser has gone. All media used to work perfectly before I used Swap Magic. Now I'm regretting using it and even borrowing it in the first place.

    If anyone has had any experience before like this, then please do post here and mention if you have resolved it and how.

    Thank you in advance for any advice given.

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    Swap Magic would not cause your laser to die out. It seems the laser just by coincidence died during this go around. Sounds like a new laser needs to be installed. If you can, I would open the console and measure the laser coil's resistance, and check for any fried damage to that area.

    What you are looking for:
    1) Approximately 4.5 ohms across coil 1 & 2 = Good laser coils - check pots or clean.
    2) Less than 1 ohm across coil 1 & 2 = Very Bad laser coils
    3) Approximately 4.5 ohms across coil 1 & less than 1 ohm on coil 2 = Bad laser
    4) Approximately 4.5 ohms across coil 2 & less than 1 ohm on coil 1 = Bad laser

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    Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I can open up the console and check the laser. Can you please include a picture to show where the laser coils are as I do not know what they are. I do know a little about the pots, etc...

    Thank you again for your quick reply.

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    laser_coil1.jpg   laser_coil2.jpg  

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    Thanks again for the information. I did not know which method to use, so I used both pictures and here are the results. On both coils in both methods, it came up as 0.01 ohms. I used a multimeter to test these points. Is 0.01 meant to be continuity? Also, because the results reflect PROBLEM 2 from your list, does this mean the Laser PCB has blown or is the whole laser faulty? Please advise with next step. Also, if you can, could you take a picture or make a video on which point to keep it on the multimeter? I left it on 20k, as I remember a friend using the same point to measure resistance on other devices.

    Thank you again for your help in advance.

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    The laser which has laser coil issues had a working PCB I thought. I asked a friend to desolder the PCB from this one and to install on a laser which has DRE issues where anything DVD related does not work. On replacing the PCB, it now works but there are still some problems though. It will work when it feels like it, and only on PS2 DVD games, not on DVD films. This laser is being used on a modified console, and I have heard that you need to adjust the pots on the laser for it to work properly on a modified console. This is a V7 PAL console. Anyone with any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!


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