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    Junior Member xrayglasses's Avatar
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    Geohot booking at euro hacker cons

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    I know nobody here cares cause he's the guy who had Linux removed then abandoned the community, but I and apparently the people at these cons think this is hilarious.

    He's booking for talks at 3 cons, I only got to see the one he just did in France. He's labeling his talks around PlayStation 3 security, and when he comes on basically talks about i-products for two hours with a mention of PS3 in the last 10 minutes, literally in the same details as his blog.

    In videos of it on youtube, you can hear people there laughing when he integrates his ego into his talk. I don't think he realizes what a small fish he is in the RE community.

    He even said publicly that he was contracted to reverse the iphone which really puts his level of intelligence into perspective considering the repercussion that has with anti-trust laws..

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    I moved this to our iPad/iPhone/iPod area for now, but will move it to the PS3 section if some related footage surfaces.

    All I saw on YouTube were the following videos at the moment though:

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    Damn i wish i where there... =(

    but nice presentation. i only smiled when he said "i will speak a bit slower" but didn't changed the speed ^^

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    Hey Boss ... You called it ... he surely is an egotistical hypocrite ... you want a +Rep ??? lol

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    The PS3 segment of GeoHot's speech is now posted here: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ence-in-paris/


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