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    Starlight Guest

    Zune Video on Xbox Live Could Finish Blu-ray for HD Streaming

    Folks at E3 witnessed Microsoft instantly fast forward a streamed 1080p movie right at start up. But how could this be possible?

    How can a streamed 1080p movie have instant access to every point of the movie? Doesn't it need to buffer that huge file? Could this be Blu-Ray's true competitor? Or perhaps the beginning of the end for Blu-Ray?

    Let's face it, why can't Microsoft sell this same technology to other content distributors, such as Netflix. Or better yet, collaborate with them to create the biggest HD streaming option for consumers, while having the biggest movie library.

    TQcast (linked above) recently interviewed Michael Wolf, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, about the upcoming Zune Video on Xbox Live as follows:

    Q: What is the name of the new HD streaming technology?

    A: The name of the feature is Zune video on Xbox LIVE, which is built on top of Smooth Streaming. Smooth Streaming is a feature of IIS Media Services, a state-of-the-art video delivery platform which enables amazing high quality video experiences that are instant on.

    Q: Exactly how is this 1080p HD experience working? 1080p video would be huge files, requiring large amounts of bandwidth, how will this work without buffering timeouts?

    A: Zune video offers entertainment content available in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace in instant on 1080p video and 5.1 channel surround sound. Zune video on Xbox LIVE was built from the ground-up for Xbox 360 to take full advantage of the Xbox platform.

    It features a state-of-the-art encoder for the highest level of fidelity and a high performance decoder capable of full-framerate 1080p playback, which enables Smooth Streaming playback, smooth fast-forward and smooth rewind functionality. Instant on 1080p offers a level of quality and performance only previously seen with downloadable or physical media.

    Q: Moving to any part of the movie, as forward, back, how is this possible if the movie has not completely buffered?

    A: This is possible because of the proprietary technology developed by Microsoft. The state-of-the-art encoder allows for the highest level of fidelity and a high performance decoder enables full-framerate 1080p playback, which results in Smooth Streaming playback, smooth fast-forward and smooth rewind functionality.

    Q: Will 360 owners need the fastest internet connection possible? Will this work on a slower broadband connection such as a "1.5Mbps DL" connection?

    A: The beauty of the experience is movies and TV shows on Zune video will automatically scale to the best possible resolution based on the speed of your connection. For example, if you have a 6 Mbps connection, you'll still get 1080p and a great audio experience, but may not get 5.1. And as a back-up, anyone can have a 1080p/5.1 experience, but they may be required to download the content instead of streaming it if they don't have an 8 - 10 Mbps broadband connection.

    Q: Pricing. Will the consumers be able to purchase and then access the movies at anytime directly from Zune video? Or will it only be a one-time rent, and if so, what will the prices be?

    A: With the launch of Zune video, you'll have the option to rent a broad selection of content how and when you want: either instant streaming or download to rent, so you can watch even when you aren't connected to the internet. Prices vary by region, but will be competitive in each market.

    Although it would be a shame to think that Blu-Ray may be in deep trouble, let's face it. If the pricing is as competitive as they state it will be, perhaps per monthly plan to match or even beat those of netflix, or even a single rent price to match that of red box's $1 price.

    We could be seeing a huge lean towards 1080p streaming in the near future. And perhaps the nail to the coffin of HD physical Media. All we can hope for now, is a Blu-Ray universal price cut ASAP.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    PS3Exclu Guest
    They had me at '1080p'.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    First of all I like my hard copy its mine and no virus or ROD can take it away ^^

    2. I doubt that with 6 Mbps you get 1080p and the point is if the sacle down the quality a blu-ray is better.
    3. If I want watch it again repay ore redwonload? Questionable?

    Well I don't see blu-ray as doomed

    Only my 2 cents ^^

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    med1one Guest

    Big Grin

    there are still countries where 8-10 mbps are very expensive and not reachable for many users. anyway i still would like to see that funny blue boxes on my shelf rather than having them on my hdd on a console and cant borrow, lend, sell or anything.

    Plus all the stuff which came with the blu ray disc like additional conent. Really i dont see coming the end of blu ray rather i would like to say its a cheap way for having more users by microsoft but those who are smart dont care about it.

    At the end i would like to say that propably most of the content movies clips and shows wont be avaible in europe and rest of the world. Exactly for the same reasons its not avaible on the pc - copyrighted material which is not avaible outside US. So for to sum up - screw it

    i'd rather buy some blu rays - most of the films dont have region code and even if some movies has it i still rather buy bd rather than downlading or streaming anything and dont be able to watch it again.

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    ruxpin810 Guest
    it definitely sounds promising, but i currently have netflix and have been streaming HD content that they offer for quite a while now but i can't say i'm that satisfied with the service. it could be that my internet connection is not fast enough but i like to blame it on netflix

    so i'm hoping that this idea will work much better than that because i don't particularly care of having the hard copy of the movie, i'd be satisfied with just streaming.

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    vinizuh Guest
    hard copy ftw, and im sure most people would agree. i'd rather spend money on something i can hold in my hands and share with friends/family.

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