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    natey2 Guest

    Poll Your favorite free Game Demo

    Looking for Free Demos that are not time-limited to 60 minutes, etc.

    My current favorite free demo: Top Gun (hard lock).

    Think I'll buy it. Wish they had it on media.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I'm afraid all of the favorite demos are on PS1 free demo disk

    I can't remember any of the really good demos on PS3, that made me to buy game, sorry for off-topic

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    natey2 Guest
    Demos are great when guests/kids new to PS3 stop by. Just want to give them something to do/play for a short while without having to look for discs.

    Some favorites with young kids:
    Carnival Island (Downloadable Demo)
    The Shoot (Demo)
    Start The Party (Demo)
    Sports Champions (Demo)

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Most EA sports game demos are pretty good since it gives you at least 2 teams/players and does give you a bit of gameplay options. Always great if you have a Fifa fan over your house and you don't own the new Fifa game.

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    godfall Guest
    Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

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    elser1 Guest
    cant say i'm into demos that much,no trophies.. LOL theres heaps of free ones anyways so just pick one you think you may like and try it out,if its no good get another.. easy and got nothing to lose,except bandwidth.. haha

    i did download the catherine demo,thought was weird but ok,bought the game and played for 5 mins and sold it.. so they can be deceiving.

    i wonder who is a fifa addict eh... LOL heyman have you got fifa 12 yet. let me know as ive got an unopened original pal aussie std edition copy i wanna sell cheap.. not that much into it to be honest!

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    Foo Guest
    FIFA 12 FTW!!!
    Backbreaker Football
    Mafia 2

    All I can think of

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah I've got the fixed PSN version on my PS3, not a big Fifa fan but I do like playing manager mode a lot.

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    devilangelari Guest
    My favorite demo all-time are those that were on PSX.

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    kunit1 Guest
    blur racing game free multiplayer

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