Today Xamp has released a patched version of Xplorer360 to work with 250GB XBox 360 harddrives.

Download: Xplorer360 250GB Edition

From the ReadMe File:

The Good:
- Drag and drop content to and from (inject/extract) confirmed working on both Partitions 2 and 3.

The Bad:
- Do not use any sort of backup or restore image features with this patched version.
- Do not use this version with 20, 60, or 120 gig drives.

The Details:
- Changed the cluster chain length value to 00 08 39 at offset 0xF0C2.

For those unaware, the application allows access to the Xbox (1) and Xbox 360 HDD (all 3 partitions), Memcard or dumps of these, with full write support!

Too many features to list but here are a few:
- FULL Read/Write to Xbox HDDs.
- FULL Read/Write to Xbox 360 HDDs.
- FULL Read/Write to Xbox 360 Memory Units.
- Physical and Logical drive access.
- Support for opening of dumps of both devices.
- Backup/Restore dump options.

You can connect your Xbox 360 HD on your PC via an SATA controller, the memorycard can be connected via USB.

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