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    masri01 Guest

    Xmenu v0.3 - ELF Loader For Xbox360

    For those who are currently running Xell:

    Xmenu v0.3 - ELF Loader for Xbox360

    Cpasjuste released the first public version of Xmenu for the free60 XeLL JTAG hack. It's a GUI .ELF Loader (a basic dashboard if you want) that can be used to load other libxenon homebrew software on your Xbox 360.

    From the readme/nfo:
    Xmenu 0.3
    Xmenu is an elf loader with a basic gui.

    Copy the file xenon.elf and the "xenon" folder to the root of your usb disk/pen.
    Load it with the free60.org hack.

    Version 0.3 :
    - It's now possible to load custom icons. Put a ".png" image (32 bits, with alpha channel, 32*32 pixels would be better)
    alongside your executable file, with the ".ico" extension. Example :
    If you have an executable named "snes9x.elf", put the ".png" icon in the same directory with the name "snes9x.ico".
    Version 0.2 :
    - Graphics data is now loaded at startup, allowing to customise.
    - Smaller fonts, this allow more items to be displayed.
    Version 0.1 :
    - Alpha testing version.
    Official Site: http://mydedibox.fr

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Great! Im currently steps away of doing the free360 jtag hack on my xenon board and for sure i will try this out. Only what could delay it is that my new pc dont have a paralel port

    But thats the last thing what can stop me. If it will be needed i'll go to net coffee and flash my x360 there

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    masri01 Guest
    HAHA that's a good one , well I can't flash my xenon box because my brother installed the 8xxx series dashboard by accident . But I already flashed a friends xenon box (Xell). Wasn't to hard but it takes time, e.g. soldering all components and dumping takes 20-30Mins then reflashing.

    But you should ask around friends/family if you could use their PC, they might have parallel ports. Goodluck, Hope everything works well.

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    JeffJ Guest
    all i have is hdmi unitys except a few old RROD boxes i haven't fixed yet. i'm going to try and get the NIB first gen my Buddie has.

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    thedave27 Guest
    or you could buy a cheap old amd computer running windows 98.

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