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    moja Guest

    XGD3 Backups will be 100% Burnable with Standard PC Drives

    C4Eva has created a modified firmware for select PC DVD writers that will allow XGD3 dumps (newer 360 games, larger image size) to be written 100% on select models of available PC DVD burners. According to his site, the FW is completed and in the final stages of testing. Here is his announcement (taken from c4evaspeaks.com):[/url]

    [2011-10-17 08:12PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> The following drives have been tested for ixtreme burner max firmware:
    [2011-10-17 08:19PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model
    [2011-10-17 08:19PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS224B = 124 + LightScribe
    [2011-10-17 08:19PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS324B = 124 SmartErase
    [2011-10-17 08:20PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS424B = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)
    [2011-10-17 08:20PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS524B = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase
    [2011-10-17 08:20PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> Liteon iHAS624B = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)

    The listed drives have an MTK chipset (as designated by the 'B' in the model), which are also found in some other consumer drives that are found as rebranded Liteons, and may be crossflashed to one of the above listed models. Certain Verbatim discs are recommended as they were used during testing. For those with a 0800 v3 drive, you may properly rip your own backups and then use a Liteon iHASx24B burner to properly record the disc.

    Newer XGD3 images are larger in size due to new security data written to the disc to verify game data. While an XGD3 image may currently be burned with some of this data missing (via truncate method), certain games may have performance issues as reported with Forza 4. Those looking for the latest in compliant backup methods may want to jump on these drives while supply is high at several retailers. Apparently this modified firmware will also allow the 'regular' use of the DVD burner, to include normal CD and DVD writing.

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    elser1 Guest
    kool news.. just wish an xbox was mine..

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    moja Guest
    Yeah, sorry if xbox news bothers some, but I follow both scenes and am a bit more involved on that side since there are so many more hacking projects available.

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    busy Guest
    bah.. need to go buy myself a 360

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    skideric Guest
    Thanks for the news! Fairly NEW to PS3 Scene. But been with 360 a while!

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yeh not having a 360 really puts me at a disadvantage cus I usually do have a PS3 but now and then I have people come to me to do voodoo magic (you have to forgive the locals LOL!) on there 360s I have to know all! Tx

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    moja Guest
    No prob, some news does have its uses.

    Anyway, the modified PC drive firmware release is imminent now, any hour/minute apparently.

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    moja Guest
    It's out! Here's the firmware for those that care (Boss, feel free to take them down if they violate anything - they are just modified PC DVD firmware).

    Happy archiving!

    C4E’s iXtreme Burner MAX V1.0

    Official release of the iXtreme Burner MAX firmware V1.0 for Liteon iHAS drives

    Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model
    Liteon iHAS224B = 124 + LightScribe
    Liteon iHAS324B = 124 + SmartErase
    Liteon iHAS424B = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)
    Liteon iHAS524B = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase
    Liteon iHAS624B = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)

    - World first Full 8.7GB 100% Backups on standard Dual Layer DVD+R DL
    - No CIV errors
    - Passes all current checks

    XGD3 - Another fail, all those false positive CIV checks on original media, imagine the disappointment.
    Inevitable when you push discs and drives to their limit, must be getting desperate, well done Xbox Division

    Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.

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    elser1 Guest
    thanks moja.. i gotta get an xbox now..

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    moja Guest
    Especially since they've also just recently released firmware builders for 360 nands that allow jtagging all systems. Yes, everyone can have jtag now, but don't buy one of the new systems (matte black) that take the HANA chip away - that's the basis of the new jtag hack.

    I've crossflashed by 224B to a 624B, and flashed c4eva's 624b Burner Max FW - burning a couple games now to test functionality..

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