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    Apr 2005
    Thanks moja and +Rep, ya beat me to this one!

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    moja Guest
    Lol, no problem Boss. The main 360 sites I check still don't have this up, so how ironic that we have it already?

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    Apr 2005
    Nice.. as condorstrike would say... CAW!

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    moja Guest
    So, a quick update.

    I have successfully burned 4 games, including 2 XGD3 games with no issues. Seems to work a treat!

    I tested burns all day with some crap Memorex (Ridata) and scanned for errors with kprobe and nero discspeed. After turning on Force Hypertuning, Online Hypertuning, and OPC calibration, and burning 5 copies of the same game (ugh), I could get a passable backup. I drove to the store, bought some Verbatims, and reburned with all options off at 2.4x, and the errors diminished by like 2/3s!

    There are several threads at other sites for folks (*cough* cheap people *cough*) using more generic media that can get passable burns, but if you're planning on playing these on live, it's better to stick with Verbatims (either MK003 at 4x with OPC enabled, or MK001 at 2.4x with OPC off) to make sure you don't get flagged for out of tolerance disc values (especially spikes around layer break).

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    shummyr Guest
    It works good for the most part, just a little buggy with anything other than verbs

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Again C4E save our life without carring what the scene or others say. But with all this x360 drive hack he will have his place in the "HallofFame" of the holly Hacking Olymp so no one ever can touch him again

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    jiytee Guest
    Burnt my first couple of XGD3s on Friday, verified against image and work a treat! Just another 15 odd to burn now...

    Just wish they could verify them first though, I know old habits die hard!

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    kombat75 Guest

    Question W 17:04:23 Cannot set the layer break position when burning DVD-R DL media.

    Hi Guys,

    I was trying to burn a X360 Games and Using Verbatim DVD-R DL and I got this message stated. But if I using the OEM DL Disc to burn I have no problem. It can burn normally without any issue.

    I use IMG and CloneCD both cannot. But if I put Yes to continue it will burn perfectly 100% finish but when I put the disc it cannot load
    and put as disc is dirty and u need to clean the disc.

    Is there a setting to set the layer break for DVD-R DL Media ?


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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Aha, seems like the program I was having.

    A quick solution that may work:

    1. Delete .dvd file which comes with .ISO file
    2. Use IMGBurn, set layerbreak manually - Tools - Setting - Write - Options - Layerbreak (for DL media) - User-specified - [Write "1913760" for XB2 images ("old" diskformats), do not know for new XB3 images]
    3. Burn some DVD-RW to warm up laser, anything you want. I burned 3 GB of junk and the laser was well-warmed.
    4. Quickly insert blank DVD-DL and start burning process.
    5. Wait
    6. ???
    7. Profit!

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I suppose he's more interested to burn Gow 3 than the old method..

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