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    IanJ Guest

    Xbox Outsells PS3's Global Figures in US Alone

    According to Joystiqs sources, Microsoft is cracking open the champagne. The Xbox 360's sales have topped the 10M in the US alone. That's well ahead of the Wii, which stands at 8.8M, and the PS3, which sold 4.1M.

    Worldwide, Microsoft says it's sold 19M consoles total. That's behind the Wii's global sales of 25M units, but Microsoft isn't exactly content with second place it's making a point to say that the 360 has the "largest global install base of any current gen, high definition gaming console.".

    Meanwhile, the PS3s doing quite nicely for itself as well in addition to outselling the 360 in both the US and Europe, Sony says worldwide sales were up an astounding 156 percent last year with a total of 9.2M units coming off shelves, and that it expects to sell another 10M consoles by March 2009.

    Looks like it's going to be an interesting year in the console market.

    I wonder if the Wii's novelty factor will continue, or if the PS3 can live up to it's potential.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    digger370 Guest
    i think the the ps2 will come out dominant im buying one for kingdom hearts 3, but i mean i think that the x box 360 will fail like its little brother and the wii gets old ive already sold mine.. but if the sony develops some kind of achievement system like the 360 they will come out on top quicker.

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    SSJX Guest
    a lot of people also forget that the 'high' xbox 360 sales are due to many people re-buying another console due to the rrod error and do not know about the complimentary extended warranty from MS.

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