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    Takavach Guest

    XBox 360 RRoD Returns - Isn't This Issue Getting Out of Hand?

    Similar to what happened not long ago, the dreaded 'Red Ring of Death' (RRoD) issue rears its ugly head back with a vengeance.

    Microsoft recently released a mandatory update, which is causing many of the consoles to RRoD. With all of the launch consoles out of warranty, will the new update cause problems for many Xbox 360 owners?

    After updating my Xbox 360, I experienced some issues with my console. My console successfully updated but when I went into the XBL Marketplace to download a demo, my system suddenly froze. After rebooting the console, it froze again during the boot-up sequence. I started sweating bullets as flashbacks of last Christmas started dancing around my head.

    However, my console came back after I unplugged the power source and let it cool down for a bit. I jumped onto the official Xbox forums to see if anyone else had similar issues and to my surprise, other owners were getting the dreaded RRoD. Unfortunately, it seems that the update is bricking many of the consoles out there.

    Many owners are receiving the error code E-74, which usually relates to video cable issues. However, many are reporting that their Xbox 360s RRoD after rebooting. This sounds similar to what happened on the PS3 a while back where consoles were freezing after a firmware update. Luckily, Sony was able to rectify the freezing issue with another firmware update.

    Microsoft really needs to step it up and rectify this RRoD issue once and for all. The issue has drained the company billions of dollars just in warranties. Not only is it causing the company headache, it is wasting the consumers time and money as well. With many of the launch consoles out of warranty, this issue could potentially become volatile.

    Hopefully, Microsoft is able to un-brick the Xbox 360s experiencing the RRoD issue after the update. The RRoD issue has left a bad taste for many of the Xbox 360 owners out there. It is one of those events that many probably want to sweep under the rug and forget about.

    However, with constant reminders, it is getting difficult to forget about it. May be it wasn't such a good idea to lay off 30 percent of the video game testers?

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    kazman Guest


    This latest update was only a patch for audio to do with hdmi. nothing else. i got 2 360's and one is launch and i have no problems. same old story!!!

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    On thing that’s really bitter are patches that try to fix an issue and cause another one. Like the previous poster said it was a Patch just for the hdmi sound issues.

    Why should or would MS force anyone without an HDMI Port to apply to that patch it should obligatory. The other of the article has one good point MS has to fix their ROD Problems once and for all. They should not try to repair their repairs; they need a final good quality solution!

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    CyanCaze Guest
    My sisters fiancee just got the RRoD on his Xbox, He was really pissed because he started having problems back in July, and I told him everything he could possibly do to save it, and it pooped in it's hand and threw it at him.

    I'm sorry but I will not buy a 360, I am now considering a Wii though. I can't stand Microsoft low build quality, and I have a feeling that next gen will be their last whimper.

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    netpredakonn Guest
    Microsoft never ceases to amaze me. I have this feeling that they think they can't stop to work on past issues, only develop new features that will cause even more issues. I frankly can't understand... they lost so much money already and they don't bother fixing it.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    The audio patch shouldnt cause RROD lol

    I dont wanna sound like a fanboy but its what you get for trying to rush patches. Microsoft always cutting corners lol
    Maybe its something else..

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