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    stryker1984 Guest

    XBox 360 Firmware questions

    If i load a new firmware on my drive and save my old firmware, am i able to load the old firmware back later? And if so will there be any problems with x.b.l? Even if i dont sign into xbl with the new firmware?

    Also one other question i have had to let my 360 update to play some game before it would allow me to play, will that hurt my x.b.l with the new firmware.

    Thanks and i am sorry if this has been asked and i overlooked it.

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    NoIncentive Guest
    If you load on a new firmware, and back up the old one, you can always flash it back to the original. There should be no problems on xbl with a properly patched game; however, there are no guarantees, and it is very hit-or-miss. You will NOT have any problems playing your original copies of games online, though. So, I suggest that you use the burned copies off-line and the originals on-line.

    So far, updates have not hurt dvd drive firmwares, the updates are done to the xbox's software, not the dvd firmware.

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    stryker1984 Guest
    thanks for the reply.

    For the games that require update prior to playing games on the system, does that cause any risk?

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    Kraken Guest
    For updates up till now, no, no risks that we know of so long as you use iXtreme firmwares and properly patched backups/originals. This doesn't of course mean that M$ hasn't been collecting data for a long time and plans to use it to ban in the future though. Its a possibility, but if you live completely in fear all the time, you miss out.

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    al3joxx Guest
    where can i download a good firmware?

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