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    Takavach Guest

    XBox 360 Elite vs. PS3 Slim - $299 Price Point Console Showdown

    With its new price tag and leaner form-factor, the PS3 Slim clearly offers great value.

    Unfortunately Sony had to strip Linux support, backwards compatibility, and some memory card ports in order to get the price down.

    But consumers still get a great gaming machine, free online support, and a competent Blu-ray player. There are also some intriguing services unique to Sony such as Home and PSP connectivity, which might entice some users.

    The Xbox 360 Elite, even with a price drop to $299, still struggles to compete feature-for-feature. The most glaring omission is the lack of on-board wifi adaptor. Microsoft currently sells its own, expensive adaptor as an extra accessory.

    If gamers want to go online using their Xbox 360, they will have to pay for Xbox Live Gold, at a cost of around $49 per year. Silver members still get access to game demos, achievements, and Avatars, but little more.

    Finally, the Xbox 360 still relies on DVD disks for content, which is fine for games but may disappoint videophiles who want the HD capability of Blu-ray movies.

    On the other hand, Microsoft is the only manufacturer to allow users to stream Netflix movies from their console, which is ultra-convenient. Zune users can also connect their devices to Xbox Live to access multimedia content.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    otarumx Guest
    By those stats I'll go for the PS3, free online is a very good thing to have and personally if it weren't for Wi Fi I would have an 3 or 4 feet ethernet cable running through my appartament.

    Of course 360 advocates will say things like "Xbox Live is miles better so it is ok to pay $50 a year", I disagree. It's true that Live has broader functionallity but the core thing that interests me that is online play is almost the same on both consoles. No voice chat is probably a problem for some but as long as I have it on the game I am playing I'm ok.

    360 defenders would also say "WiFi is unnecessary, Ethernet is the only way to play online", truth is I've been playing online via WiFi for quite a while and the only complaints I've ever had about it is when the game maker has some shoddy programming like KOFXII.

    And finally the built in Blu Ray drive really tips the scales in favor of the PS3. In order for the 360 to really stand up to it now would be to further lower the price to $250 or include a free WiFi dongle and free Live Gold. And even then the Blu Ray would still tip the scales lightly towards the PS3.

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    they have been showing these comparisons for the other PS3's it hasn't worked yet and still won't and this one misses half the stuff it doesn't hit the hardware aspect or the in-game chat, music, and many more things

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    cow247 Guest
    With the PS3 slim price drop, the choice between the two consoles is a no-brainer.

    The PS3 has many small, but significant advantages to it. the xbox 360 is old. When it first came out, it was a revolutionary console and before it's time, but now the ps3 has surpassed it. One shocking thing about the 360 is the lack of wifi connection. Even the ps2 had wifi through a $20 adapter, but really $100 retail for a wifi adapter for the 360. That's really ridiculous. On top of the $100 for a wifi adapter, you have to pay for xbox live.

    The ps3 also has a Blu-ray drive and bluetooth capabilities. The ps3 is faster, and has more potential for the same price for the basic bundle.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    I would go with the PS3 bulid in WiFi and Free Online Play are stunning. In addition to that you can upgrade your HDD.

    ^^ If that's not enough you have a Blu-ray built in.

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    Adam777 Guest
    That's wrong!

    The Xbox 360 have backwards compatibility!

    Unlike the PS3...

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    GZA1984 Guest
    built-in Wifi, free online gaming, blu-ray, enough said. Only brainwashed people will still say the 360 elite is the better option.
    Besides that I've always believed that paying for a subscription to BE ABLE TO PLAY ONLINE, besides your ISP Subscribtion is not only a waste of money but a rip-off as well. Makes me feel like buying a car where the steering wheel is missing and the seller says something like: "hey if you wanna drive it, you'll need to buy the steering wheel too"

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    Caveman007 Guest
    Umm no the original ps3 has full backwards compatibility. Mine plays all ps2 and ps1 games, Ive never had a problem. The 360 only has like 10 games that work. This I know because when i bought my nephew a couple of xbox games they didnt work, it was a waste.

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    otarumx Guest
    PS3 haters are running out of things to say against it, they are now down to backwards compatibility (I would rather spend some money on a new PS2 that will definitely read every single game than play them PS3 right now and they are pretty cheap too) and the tiny things that can be added to PS3 via firmware. Instead of being so scared and fanboyish about PS3 people should just give it a chance and start saving for one, I bet more than half of those haters will find a game they enjoy on the console.

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    JeffJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Caveman007 View Post
    Umm no the original ps3 has full backwards compatibility. Mine plays all ps2 and ps1 games, Ive never had a problem. The 360 only has like 10 games that work. This I know because when i bought my nephew a couple of xbox games they didnt work, it was a waste.
    Only, The launch units were backwards comparable, not all "Old Style" ps3 units were. Only 60 and 80 GB. 4 usb port Launch console.

    The xbox 360 has many Backwards compatible games. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/back...ygameslist.htm

    as in ass loads. Some require an update via live to play.

    you and the person your quoting are partly wrong

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