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    Starlight Guest

    The Witcher Sells One Million Copies for PC

    It's nice to get some figures that can be used to throw in the face of all those who claim PC gaming to be a dying breed.

    The Witcher, and the just released Enhanced Edition has just broken the One-Million mark in sales. For those of you who haven't played it, I'd highly recommend it. As far as classic style PC RPGs go, this one is top notch.

    The original release had a few pretty bad issues, terrible load times being the worst, but the Enhanced Edition is enhanced in every way.

    With fixes and updates for the game as well as load time reduction of about 80%, the few problems with the game are resolved. But the Enhanced Edition does much more than just fix the game, truly earning the it's title.

    Two additional campaigns as well as a campaign editor are included, to vastly increase replay value, the game's soundtrack and a cd with music inspired by the game, a short story that The Witcher was based on and a map of the world of The Witcher.

    Easily one of the best games of the year, if you haven't already picked it up, do so, for 40 bucks, it's a great deal. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Crazyfamily Guest
    No wonder Witcher has sold so many games... being a long time PC gamer and for the longest time staying away from consoles it gives me goosebumps to be able to play such an indept game on the PC... besides at times taxing my pc's out with about every hardcore game I can get my hands on... it is flat out a blast to play... something about sitting in front of the tower... saying yes dear I will be in for lunch... yes dear dinner will be good bring it to me at my the computer... you get the point

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    revoo Guest
    I played the original version of the witcher when it was super super buggy.. i'll have to try the released version, i hear many good things about it.

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